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You are...

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Have you ever seen a romantic comedy?

You know how at the beginning the main character is lonely, frustrated and sometimes kinda desperate? Maybe you can relate. And then they go through a bunch of challenges and grow and have a big aha moment and finally get the guy? or the girl?
Well, I help singles just like you rewrite their love script and fast track to the happy ending of their own personal romantic story without all that struggle. I help stuck people get unstuck.

Are you...
Afraid of love because you keep picking fixer-uppers?
Confused by dating disappointments with "potentials" that don't "get" you or overwhelmed by the whole dating scene?
Exhausted by fakes, flakes and fibbers? 

Sick and tired of being lonely and single??

You're in the right place!

If you...
Are a good person despite the pain of your past. (You don't kick puppies.)
Are responsible. (You're not being chased by criminals. You're not a criminal!)
Believe in the possibility of a real and lasting love...

You didn't land on this page by accident!

If you're ready to settle down without settling and rewrite your love life story, my personalized yet simple step-by-step WakeUP2Luv study-at-home-in-your-PJs program may be right for you!

You didn't land on this page by accident!

Let's do this!

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