How to Get a Girl to Like You, Even If You A Geeky Guy ;)

AKA How to Get Respect

Men want respect, appreciation and adoration, but how do you get that from the girl you like? How to get a girl to like you isn’t so much about changing her thoughts about you; it’s about changing how you treat her.

Here’s what I mean … As with everything else in life, there’s cause and effect, action and reaction, yin and yang, Cheech & Chong.

In other words, how to get a girl to like you starts with the way you treat her. Because the way you treat her influences how she thinks of you.

How to get a girl to like you isn’t about being nice, agreeing with everything she says, always being accommodating, and being too quick with “yeses” to help her.

How to Get a Girl to Like You

  1. Don’t be too nice. (Read blog: Nice guys finish last.)
  2. Don’t agree with everything she says.
  3. Don’t always accommodate her every need and request.
  4. Don’t always say “yes” to avoid disappointing her.
  5. Stop being a such a pussy. (No offence to the all-powerful clam.)

Just like you want respect, appreciation and adoration, women also want these. But a woman unconsciously believes that if she hasn’t earned the adoration part but you are adoring her, then you come across as fake and spineless. (Neither fake or spineless is sexy.)

Divvy out the respect and appreciation as deserved, and save the adoration for after you’ve won her over and copulated. Adoring a woman too soon makes you look desperate and needy. Again, not sexy.

Even if you are desperate and needy, don’t act that way. It’s a turn off.

How to Get a Girl to Like You Takeaway

Women like men who display self-assurance, and sometimes self-assurance looks like not being quite so nice all the time. Don’t be a dick—no offence to the all-powerful penis—but do have a solid opinion on some things and don’t be afraid to voice those opinions when the opportunity arises. But of course not in a self-righteous or condescending way.

How to Get a Girl to Like You Action Steps

  1. Practice respectfully disagreeing with people. Start with friends or at work.
  2. Respectfully say “no” at least two times this week to something you’d otherwise say “yes.”
  3. Repeat after me: “Disagreement does not equal rejection!”

xo AJ

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