Get A Girlfriend—Change Your (Love) Life

Step 1 On How to Get a Girlfriend

If you’re here, you want to change your (love) life. And you want to get a girlfriend, right?

You know how you wish that you had that special someone to wake up to? A gal who gets you and makes life better just by being there? Who you look at and can’t believe she’s yours? Someone to make love to and laugh with and share life with?

Someone who sees and likes—loves—the real you?

Sounds pretty good, huh?

Well, you can have that.

Yes, you. Really, really.


If you don’t have her yet, then you gotta do something different because what you’re doing ain’t working and—

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Step 1 of How to Get a Girlfriend is …


You gotta change something. Could be anything, in fact. But it’s got to be something, and the sooner you get
over the idea, the better you’ll feel.

Doing the same ole leads to more of the same ole.

Being the same ole leads to more of the same ole.

There’s two ways of making change happen, but one is far more effective. It’s also a shit ton scarier.

The first way is to ramp yourself up by learning.

Educate yourself on what women want. Subscribe to this blog. Watch WingmamTV. Watch other coaches’ videos. Listen to podcasts. Become a relationship information expert.

Time consuming but easy, yes?

The second way is to get out there and start doing.

If you’ve taken my WakeUP2Luv course, you’ve heard me say, “It doesn’t matter how many books you’ve read or videos you’ve watched on how to build a bicycle. If you don’t start putting the parts together in the real world, you’re not going to have a bike to ride.”

If you want to get a girlfriend, you’ve got to start getting out in the real world and doing stuff.

Exponentially effective but not so easy!

The Pre-Cursor to Step 1 on How to Get a Girlfriend is…


You gotta commit to doing what it takes to have what you want. Or, how I usually put it, you must …

Do a checkup from the neck up! Visit your “mental chiropractor” for an attitude adjustment!

If you want something bad enough, you’ll move past the “I can’t do it” and “I’m not worthy” blocks and do it.

But here’s a tip that’ll help you make the first move, dude—baby steps!

Start small and build from there. Only look at the finish line long enough to know where you want to be.

Then focus everything else on just. the. next. step.

How to Change Your Love Life and Get a Girlfriend Takeaway

Worth repeating—nothing changes if nothing changes.

How to Change Your Love Life and Get a Girlfriend Actionable

Start today. Now. Go go go!
You got this.
xo AJ

p.s. If you want the steps to build that bicycle aka get a girlfriend, check out my WakeUP2Luv Get A Girlfriend Program. You get both what-you-need-to-learn and what-you-need-to-do, so that some day soon, you’ll get to wake up to love.

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Vancouver Dating Coach for Shy Guys & Introverted Men. Matchmaker Liaison. Founder: Wingmam

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