Things We Should Change To Attract Women

Attract Women by Being “This” Kind of Guy

Every dude knows that nice guys finish last, so what’s a guy to do when pushy female dating coaches tell us there are things we should change to attract women? Hint: Listen up!

how to attract women

If you’ve read some of my other blogs, you know that women don’t like “nice guys” because they come off as needy or insecure or uncertain, which all translates into—not enough confidence.

Remember, confidence is sexy. Every woman wants a self-assured man.

So if you’re not supposed to be malleable, because chicks don’t dig Putty Pete, then why is it a good idea to change any qualities to attract women?

Answer: Because some of your current qualities suck. But even more important, you also think these qualities suck.

Things We Should Change to Attract Women

The things you should change to attract women are simply the things you want to change, anyway.

What will make you a better man in your own eyes?

Those are the things to change.

Things We Shouldn’t Change to Attract Women

  • attract beautiful womenStrong political views
  • Favourite food
  • Sunday afternoon softball schedule
  • Desire to have or not have children
  • Being an introvert (/extrovert)
  • Anything that is a core value

Things We Could Change to Attract Women

  • Weak political views based on propaganda without you having done real research or contemplation
  • Favourite food if you’ve now tried a new food that you genuinely love more
  • Sunday afternoon softball schedule IF that’s her only day off AND you’re just as happy to play on Saturday
  • Whether or not to have children IF you were on the fence and flexible from the get-go
  • Being more social IF you’d like to be more sociable (Note: You’ll likely never be an extrovert and that’s OK!) Or, if you’re an extrovert, being OK with your partner, The Introvert, not being as social as you
  • Some things that are not core values

Things We Should Change to Attract Women Takeaway

Change is uncomfortable, so if we’re going to put in the effort to become someone different, make sure that new person is someone you want to be.

Things We Should Change to Attract Women Actionable

  1. Pick a thing to change that benefits you.
  2. Make a list of how-to-do-thats.
  3. Jump to it!

xo AJ

p.s. Or invest in yourself by investing in my online self-study Get Women program—I bet it’ll “save years of counselling.” (Quote from a dude client who invested in his awesome self.)

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