How to Become More Attractive to Get A Girlfriend

Get the Girl, Dude …

… Not to be confused with “get the lady-boy”―we’re talking about how to get the girl. Dude. Ok, never mind, way off track there. What we’re exploring today is how to become more attractive to get a girlfriend, y’all!

Warning: There’s a lot of shit in this post and a lot of f-bombs.

The first thing we need to know about how to become more attractive to get a girlfriend is to know that everyone has flaws! Yup, even your dream girl.dream girl

If you can remember that everyone poops, then you might find that even the hottest chicks out there are less intimidating. I know, it’s not the sexiest thing to think about, so only visualize this when your insecurities are sitting on your self-confidence!

Without further adieu (or poo talk) …

How to Become More Attractive to Get a Girlfriend

Notice and stop your shitty self-talk.

Seriously, dudes. If you want her to see you as a stud muffin, super hero, warrior knight in shiny armour worth bedding or wedding, then you gotta see yourself that way.

How to:

Simply start by catching yourself when your mind hijacks your self-esteem with all that negative self-talk. Then tell yourself, “That’s fucking bullshit, mind. I’m awesome.”

Be sure to have this self-argument in your mind and not out loud. (Unless you’re in East Van where it would seem totally normal. No offence to East Van residents—in fact, kudos to self-expression!)

Question the shit talk.

Ok, so yes, you’re awesome but! But maybe some of that shitty self-talk is trying to tell you to do something different.


Shitty self-talk: “Bro, your style sucks. What chick would want you?”

Questioning the shitty self-talk: Does my style really suck? Does it matter to chicks?

More important, would it matter to the kind of chick I’d want?

Hmm, maybe.

Ok, so, can I change my style?

Hell, yeah. Why not! Sure, it might cost a few bucks and maybe I’ll have to get out of my comfort zone. Maybe my homies will raz me, but so what? I ain’t gonna die. And I can raz them back for being stuck in the last decade.

(to be continued …)

Don’t be a chicken shit, take action!

(continued …)

Screw it, I’ll switch it up! What’s the worst that could happen. I ain’t gonna die!

Bam, dude! Did you see what just happened there. You questioned your shitty self-talk, decided something might benefit from “fixing” and took charge by making an empowering decision.

Dude, you are fucking awesome!

Sorry for the swears, but this is serious shit.

Become More Attractive to Get a Girlfriend Takeaway

Just because you choose to change to get the girl of your dreams doesn’t make you a pussy if you’re improving yourself in empowering ways. #YouRock #PussyRocks #ChicksRock

Become More Attractive to Get a Girlfriend Actionable

Option 1—Do the shit in this post, dude.
Option 2—Take my WakeUP2Luv course and I’ll hold your hand, metaphorically speaking, by giving you the step-by-step map to become more attractive to get a girlfriend.

You’re welcome.

xo AJ

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