7 Signs A Girl Is Flirting With You And What To Do

Is She Flirting or Just Dicking You Around

Public YouTube Comment from Richard aka Sir Dick 😉 who is not a dick but is basically asking what are signs a girl is flirting.

“Very attractive girl works in charity shop. Been in there a few times and given her the eye. Spoke very briefly about a product once, old VHS tapes.

On this particular day, I walked in and she was quite excited about a toy donation.

Anyway, I was in the shop for about 15 minutes and felt as if we were both giving each other the eye, but as soon as we looked at each other, we kind of looked away.I could be wrong but it seemed she did go out the back a lot and when she returned she looked different, maybe more makeup.

Anyway, I went to the counter as there was small boxes off stuff, maybe jewellery, so I took a quick look through them. Right at the big moment, I sidestepped so I was in her direct view and noticed she gave a little giggle when looking at me then a second or two later it was a big giggle with her shoulders moving up as she laughed, followed by a deep smile at me.

The whole giggle-smile must have lasted four seconds, then I broke eye contact as I didn’t know what it all meant.

I am a good-looking guy, but didn’t think I was looking my best as I had a bit of a beard going on. I also found out from a friend at another shop that she already has a boyfriend.

So, there you go, can you tell me what the little giggle meant? Followed by a big giggle/laugh? Then the big smile while looking deeply at me, seemingly into my eyes? It felt as if her eyes dilated.

I can’t stop thinking about the meaning of all this as it’s never happened to me before in any shop. Thank you.”

How to Know if a Girl is Flirting

Here’s what I know—

“Men don’t do hint.” Matthew Boggs, dating coach for women and author of Cracking the Man Code.

If you think she might be flirting with you, she probably is because women “do” hint extremely well.

In other words, women pick up on the minute subtleties of human behaviour, so if her behaviour is obvious enough for a guy to pick up on, then it’s really, really obvious to her.

Yup, even if she’s got a boyfriend. (Maybe he’s a dick.)

Yup, even if she doesn’t say anything. (Maybe the giggle was your cue to say something.)

And, yup, even if you’ve got five-day shadow. (Maybe she thinks scruff is hot. Many women do. I do!)

7 Signs a Girl is Flirting with You

  1. She giggles around you. Giggling and giddiness go back to schoolyard crush feelings.
  2. Her cheeks redden and she looks away. Blushing definitely signals interest even though the physical reaction is out of her control.
  3. She has a perpetual, if mild, smile around you for no reason that you know of.
  4. Her eyes “sparkle” around you.
  5. She tosses her locks or touches her hair, ear, or neck slowly or for longer than is necessary for a simply itch-scratch.
  6. She talks longer than required or tries to keep the conversation going.
  7. Her hand grazes yours or your arm or wherever—she’s touchy-feeling you.

So, Was She Flirting?

Unless you had a big piece of spinach hanging off your newly grown beard, then likely, yes! She was giving off some classic “signs a girl is flirting” with you, Sir.

Flirting is natural when we find someone attractive.

It’s our conscious mind that must reel in our subconscious emotions, especially when we’re in a monogamous, committed relationship. (Hint: If we can’t control ourselves, then maybe our primary relationship needs some work. Or we do.)

Let’s not confuse flirting with a bubbly personality. The former has sexual tension and the latter doesn’t.

How to know the difference between flirting and a bubbly personality?

There’s a simple test to know if a girl is flirting or just friendly … Ask yourself this question:

Would her behaviour be appropriate if directed toward one of her family members?

The answer will tell you if her intention is bubbly-friendly or hello-hottie.

Of course, there’s always the chance that she’s a cock-tease—a gal who likes to get guys’ sexual attention but has no intention of following through with anything else, whether sex, dating or friendship.

As much as I’d like to call these chicks C U Next Tuesdays, I remind myself that we all need attention, validation and the feeling of significance—LOVE—and then I remember to feel compassion for them and the poor suckers who fall for their self-serving flirting, because …

If we—you—don’t take anything personally and are instead happy with the attention you’re getting, regardless of her intention, then it’s a win-win, baby! *wink*

What Could He Have Done Differently?

Wait for it …

Talk to her!

So, next time, swipe right and speak up, Sir Richard, you bearded hottie!

xo AJ

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