No More Mr Nice Guy Book by Dr. Robert Glover

no more mr nice guy

Stop Being “Nice” Start Getting Girls Hey Guys! Guess what? Dr. Robert Glover, author of No More Mr Nice Guy, is coming to Vancouver! Stay tuned for more details… I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Connor Beaton, founder of ManTalks. He was a classic “Nice Guy.”   A True “No More Mr Nice Guy” […]

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How to Get a Girl Out of Your League

Is She Too Good for You? You want the girl of your dreams, right? That amazing woman who just seems to get you and surprises you every day with how fricken awesome-sauce she is, right? She’s gorgeous and smart, and she has her “poop in a group”—her shit’s together, man—and loves sex. Well, dude, if […]

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How to Build Confidence [Video]— A Quick, Simple Technique to Trick Your Mind

how to build confidence

Get Confident. Get a Girlfriend. Damn, Baby! You want girlfriend. A woman you’re proud to be with and who is proud to be with you. So, if you want to know how to get a girlfriend of your dreams then you gotta know how to build confidence because all quality chicks dig confidence. I teach […]

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7 Signs A Girl Is Flirting With You And What To Do

signs a girl is flirting

Is She Flirting or Just Dicking You Around Public YouTube Comment from Richard aka Sir Dick 😉 who is not a dick but is basically asking what are signs a girl is flirting. “Very attractive girl works in charity shop. Been in there a few times and given her the eye. Spoke very briefly about […]

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How to Become More Attractive to Get A Girlfriend

become more attractive

Get the Girl, Dude … … Not to be confused with “get the lady-boy”―we’re talking about how to get the girl. Dude. Ok, never mind, way off track there. What we’re exploring today is how to become more attractive to get a girlfriend, y’all! Warning: There’s a lot of shit in this post and a lot of […]

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