Things We Should Change To Attract Women

Attract Women by Being “This” Kind of Guy Every dude knows that nice guys finish last, so what’s a guy to do when pushy female dating coaches tell us there are things we should change to attract women? Hint: Listen up! If you’ve read some of my other blogs, you know that women don’t like […]

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Note to Self—Stop Being A Knucklehead aka Stop Self-Sabotaging

stop sabotaging

Choice One: Single Forever. Choice Two: Not Single Forever. I was walking home from my swordplay class the other evening, and my subconscious mind detoured me right to a burger place that I’d planned on trying on my “cheat day.” The only problem was that this was a Monday and my cheat day was yesterday, […]

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Get A Girlfriend—Change Your (Love) Life

get a girlfriend

Step 1 On How to Get a Girlfriend If you’re here, you want to change your (love) life. And you want to get a girlfriend, right? You know how you wish that you had that special someone to wake up to? A gal who gets you and makes life better just by being there? Who […]

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How to Get Women Chasing You—Or Just the One You Want

vancouver matchmaking services what women want

What Women Want I went for a bike ride with a (single, straight) male friend of mine on the weekend. We discussed his weakness, an unsavoury trait that keeps him from getting a girlfriend. I’ll tell you about that in a bit. We also talked about what women want. The benefit of a platonic friendship with […]

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How to Know: Is She the One?

is she the one

Is She A Keeper Or A Throwback? When you ask yourself, “Is she the one?” there are a few sneaky-Pete ways for knowing if she’s your soulmate. Nearly everyone entering a relationship—or hoping for one—experiences uncertainty when they meet that special someone who makes their heart pitter patter while making their Johnson stand tall. (<—That’s […]

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