The Surprising Key To Finding Love

key to finding love

The Shy Guy’s Key to Finding Love Technically, this is for everyone, but shy guys will benefit even more because honouring the key to finding love is what builds superhero confidence! Confidence starts with commitment—commitment to ourselves. Wait, what? Ok, so you know how I keep talking about superhero confidence because it’s what we all […]

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How to Find Love by Changing Crappy Beliefs

how to find love

Change Your Mind. Change Your Life. In my last post, “Why We Self-Sabotage From Finding Love,” we explored the why’s. Now let’s look at the how-to’s, specifically: How to find love by changing crappy beliefs. If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. —Henry Ford Quick review on beliefs: Beliefs are […]

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Why We Self-Sabotage From Finding Love

why we self-sabotage love

Change beliefs. Build Confidence. Get the Girl. It’s our shitty stories about ourselves that results in why we self-sabotage finding love. Do you… Hesitate to approach women because you don’t know what to say? Second guess your worth before you’ve even met her? Beat yourself up for missing yet another opportunity? Are you sick and […]

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How To Flirt With Women Using “The Wave Over”

how to flirt with women

Flirting is Fun! Flirting is Necessary. Learning how to flirt with women is what separates the men in the running from the men in the Friend Zone. If you want to build sexual tension with a woman (you do) then you’ve got to get your flirting game face on. How to Flirt with Women Using “The […]

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How To Get Confident If You’re Shy AF

Confidence is Sexy. Get Confident = Get Sexy. Ok, yeah, I wrote an article that Courage is Sexy. That’s still true. (The article’s been shared 24,000 times.) But courage is sexy because to know how to get confident you need a tonne of courage—especially if you’re shy. I know about shyness. I used to be […]

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