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How to Know: Is She the One?

is she the one

Is She A Keeper Or A Throwback? When you ask yourself, “Is she the one?” there are a few sneaky-Pete ways for knowing if she’s your soulmate. Nearly everyone entering a relationship—or hoping for one—experiences uncertainty when they meet that special someone who makes their heart pitter patter while making their Johnson stand tall. (<—That’s […]

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Become An Attractive Man And Get A Girlfriend

how to get the girl

How to Get the Girl of Your Dreams I’m going to be straight with you, guys. The Jessica Albases of the world are out of your league. Don’t take it personally. Jessicas are out of most guys’ league, just like Gerard Butler is out of mine. But, before you take to a high bridge, know that […]

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Getting Over Shyness. I Know You Are But What Am I?

benefits of shyness

You Are Shy AND Awesome-Sauce Amazing, Sir! If you don’t believe me, you’re in the right place! Especially if you’ve suffered from shyness. But instead of getting over shyness, I assure you that the benefits of shyness are in your favour. Remember when you were a kid and called someone a snot bucket or a […]

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Why Fear Is Your New Best Friend

fear is your new best friend

Don’t Get Over Fear—Go Through It Life is fucking scary. And that is why fear is your new best friend. This simple reality, when embraced, loses it chest-clutching grip on us. Almost everyone experiences fear because we loathe to face reality: Loved ones die. Lovers leave us. Long-held careers fold. Old friends change. We are […]

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How To Build Confidence By Fixing Your Broken Spokes

how to build confidence

Get Confident by Getting a Life, Dude Here’s a super quick formula for how to build confidence and get a girlfriend: Get good at things. Feel good about getting good at things. Get confident. Radiate confidence. Talk to girls. Get a bit cheeky with chicks—aka build sexual tension—and win her heart (and other parts). And […]

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