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Best Place For Shy Guys To Meet Nice Girls Aka Where To Find A Girlfriend [Video!]

Best Place for Shy Guys to Meet Nice Girls? You might be surprised! Watch this short video to find out the best place for shy guys to meet nice girls… Best Place for Shy Guys to Meet Nice Girls Takeaway Signing up for “this” activity will have you meeting the kind of ladies you can […]

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2 Major Differences Between Men And Women In How They Think

How to Get a Girlfriend! (That’s Why You Care) When guys understand the differences between men and women in how they think, they’re one step closer on the path of how to get a girlfriend. Same goes for women! Not the “how to get a girlfriend” bit, but when women understand how men think, it’s […]

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Five Love Languages Book by Gary Chapman

Five Love Languages—Interpreted by Wingmam Gary—Mr. Chapman, that is—writes in his best-selling book, The Five Love Languages, that we all express love primarily in five different ways and that the way we express love is how we tend to want to receive it. In other words, if we don’t get loved the way we need […]

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How To Avoid _ _ _ Holes!

Avoid Jerks? Yes, Please! We’ve all been in a relationship with a jerk, whether it was a romantic relationship or a friendship, so this advice applies to anyone wanting to avoid not-so-good-for-us folks. The 5 Simple Steps to Avoiding _ _ _ holes: Awareness: Know that we choose to begin or stay in unhealthy relationships […]

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How Do I Compliment A Woman Who Is Not Hot? [Video]

Complimenting a Woman Who’s “Vanilla” Warning: F-bombs ahead. Let’s get to the nitty gritty of the matter—society may vary somewhat on its definition of beauty, but it still has its standards. The sooner we get over this accepted norm the better we’ll feel. But there’s good news! There’s a big ass difference between objective beauty […]

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