Looking for a Matchmaker or Dating Coach in Vancouver?

Looking for lasting love? Searching for a “Matchmaker Vancouver” or “Vancouver Matchmaker?”

You’re in the right place!

Wanna be the star of your very own romantic comedy but skip the struggle and cut to the happy ending and fun bits?

Are you ready for lasting love and want to settle down without settling?

As your Vancouver Matchmaker co-ordinator and Dating Coach, my mission is to help you find and attract the love of your life by helping you rewrite your love script and end single-hood and life with mismatched socks!

But! Hiring a matchmaker alone isn’t going to give you the tools to succeed in the dating world even if you’re sitting right in front of who you think for sure is your soulmate… You gotta be your best you! Hence the coaching bit.

My WakeUP2Luv: Shy Guy’s Get a Girlfriend Guide shows you how to be your best authentic assertive you and how to understand the different needs of men and women in romantic relationships.

For more about the pros and cons of hiring a matchmaker vs. dating coach? Click here.

My purpose (efficiently compacted): Entertain. Educate. Inspire.

A Quick History

I’m Anna Jorgensen—Vancouver dating and confidence coach and your matchmaker connector. I help frustrated, confused, shy and/or self-sabotaging single men get unstuck and find lasting love.

The letters behind my name?

They say it takes 10,000 hours of study to become an expert at something. I’ve studied or attended hundreds (maybe thousands) of hours of dating and relationship books, videos, workshops, seminars, webinars and the like for years; I’ve interviewed hundreds of singles and couples about their dating and relationship experiences; but more than all that—I’ve practiced what I’ve studied. I started my studies early …

Envision remote Canadian logging camps in Western Canada with only lumberjacks, grizzly bears and trees for company. These were my formative years as a shy but observant child. My sheltered childhood surrounded by filthy-minded, good-hearted “loggers” gave me early insight to the innate male mind. Naked-lady wallpaper may have been an influence. I had the foundation to think like a guy.

But being sheltered with only three other kids my age also created massive shyness when it was time to go to school.

Some shitty things happened early on that also added extreme insecurity and low self-esteem to the mix. I ended up being a loner and an outcast and was bullied a lot. That sucked.

When I “grew up,” I went into (insert scary music) real estate sales. You only have to talk to one or two people at a time, so I could do this, but I was still shy and self-loathing inside. I carried this around until my late 30s!

Even though I studied all the self-help books, took all the seminars, workshops, therapy, hypnosis sessions etc. and knew what caused it I didn’t know how to fix it. Fuck.

Then, almost by mistake, I figured out how to really get over it! Like, holy shit over it. I want to help other shyness sufferers get over it, too.

Vancouver Dating Coach Anna Maria Jorgensen

Vancouver Dating Coach
Anna Maria Jorgensen

A New Career as Vancouver Matchmaker, Dating and Confidence Coach

In 2012, I traded in my saleswoman shoes for something more fulfilling: A Love Expert cape: Master Dater, Dating & Confidence Coach and Matchmaker!

But clothing and knowing are only part of becoming a dating, love and relationship expert. Practicing the craft creates mastery! I did a lot of “practicing”…

Remember the part at the beginning of my romantic comedy when I was getting supremely rejected? Well, I did this…

I used my early logging camp ed plus a lot of study and learned how to really “get” guys. But “getting” the guy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Sometimes we’re so focused on who we think we want that we forget to stop and notice why we want them and if we should want them.

I got the guys I thought I wanted, but really I was more interested in the idea of them.  They weren’t a right fit. And I was the common denominator. Eek.

So, I took a love sabbatical.

I went back to the books and workshops seminars therapy meditation tapping hypnotherapy you-name-it. Heck, I even went to Israel and prayed at the Wailing Wall!

I figured my shit out and now I wake up to love every damn day! I can help you get happy, too. (While enjoying the melancholy bits.)

Why you give a care… Women translate a happy guy to a guy who can handle when the shit of life hits the fan. And that trait is sexy AF.

So, is that a “Yes?”

Gentlemen click here!

How my purpose helps you find, attract and keep lasting love (aka the long read)… You’ll:

  • Be inspired to take courageous action with thank-you-I’m-not-crazy relatable dating and confidence building advice with simple baby-steps-move-us-forward coaching + I-can-do-this actionable “homework.”
  • Learn to embrace your authentic self, to go for your relationship goals, and to laugh when you stumble.
  • Be roused to contemplate the female mind and understand us better—or chuckle when we topple, but then help us up! (Notice how I used the word “rouse”? And you thought that was an accident. Oh, ye of little faith.)
  • Feel encouraged to accept yourself and others’ differences in order to find that special someone with the right “quirks.” This mindset opens a whole lotta love doors!
  • Relate to “a-ha!” dating moments from my own experiences and from those of the many singles (and successful couples) I’ve interviewed and worked with.
  • Laugh more and stress less! #GetOutOfYourMind
  • Endorse honesty. Not the brutal I-have-no-delicacy-in-the-delivery kind, but the kind when it’s okay to send a truthful text or have a discussion about a testy topic even if you respectfully agree to disagree. (Disagreement doesn’t = rejection! In fact, respectful discuss can equal sexual stimulation!)
  • Be motivated to be your most magnetic man self with the motto: Life begins, and single life ends, outside my comfort zone! Bravery is hot, and you get to be the real you, just better.

If you’re looking for a dating coach or matchmaker in Vancouver I’d love to help you find, attract and keep lasting love. Are you ready to write your happy ending?

Hint: You didn’t wind up here by accident and… Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Ok! Ok! I’m ready. Let’s do this!


Anna Jorgensen

Love Warrior and Founder of Wingmam
Your Vancouver Matchmaking Connection and Dating, Love and Relationship Expert