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How To Be A Gentleman

10 Ways on How to Be a Gentleman What is a gentleman, anyway? “Things such as men who are polite, calm, and considerate are the cornerstone for defining what it means to be a gentleman. The most common perception of a gentleman is a man who ensures that he is chivalrous towards women. The term […]

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Can We Change the Chemistry of Who We’re Attracted To?

If Only I Could be Attracted to the Good Ones “But, Anna, I’m only attracted to bad boys.” “But, Anna, I’m only attracted to bitches.” That’s because your pheromones are fucked up. Whaaa …? Yep. And that’s totally normal. Here’s the deal. We are attracted to familiarity. This means we generally go for a partner who […]

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Do Opposites Attract?

Opposites Attract or Birds of a Feather …? So which is it: Do opposites attract or do birds of a feather flock together? When selecting a mate, is it better to be with someone who has the same interests and ideas as we do? Or is it better to be with someone who has opposite interests […]

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