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When Should I Disclose I Have an STD?

Should I Disclose I Have an STD? Yes, you should. Why? Because not disclosing you have an STD (sexually transmitted disease) is a dufus move. Dufus: slang for knucklehead, which is also slang. Basically, you’re a jerk. Ok, so you absolutely should disclose if you have an STD, but the “when” is a bit trickier. […]

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The 5 Best Photos To Put On Your Online Dating Site Profile

Make Your Dating Site Profile Stand Out With These Winning Pics If you’re looking for long-term love and you’re here, then you’ve either tried or considered trying online dating sites. Reality Land, Dan—everyone’s doing it. (The online dating site thing, that is.) And if you wanna be “doing it” with someone who you also want […]

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Insights From Couples in Arranged Marriages

Couples in Arranged Marriages Can Teach Us a Thing or Three (Warning: I’m about to write something that might be offensive. My blog; my prerogative.) I’ve informally interviewed a number of women who are in arranged marriages and who’ve had varying experiences with their husbands. Some wives were bitter and jaded without a hint of […]

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Dealing With Step-Children And Dating

How to Deal with Step-Children and Dating I was a step-mom so I can speak to this one … maybe even more so since my ex-husband’s kids lived with us full time. Later, I was with a guy who had a daughter who lived with us part time. Let’s note right from the get-go that I […]

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How To Avoid _ _ _ Holes!

Avoid Jerks? Yes, Please! We’ve all been in a relationship with a jerk, whether it was a romantic relationship or a friendship, so this advice applies to anyone wanting to avoid not-so-good-for-us folks. The 5 Simple Steps to Avoiding _ _ _ holes: Awareness: Know that we choose to begin or stay in unhealthy relationships […]

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