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How to Build Confidence by Fixing Your Broken Spokes [video]

Build Confidence: Fix Your Life! In order to find love, it’s important to first look at ourselves and see if there are any parts that need a bit of “mending.” Confidence is a mega-ass huge factor when it comes to finding love! I dive into how to build confidence by fixing your broken spokes in […]

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Getting Over Shyness. I Know You Are But What Am I?

benefits of shyness

You Are Shy AND Awesome-Sauce Amazing, Sir! If you don’t believe me, you’re in the right place! Especially if you’ve suffered from shyness. But instead of getting over shyness, I assure you that the benefits of shyness are in your favour. Remember when you were a kid and called someone a snot bucket or a […]

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Nice Guys Finish Last and How To Be Less “Nice”

Why DO Nice Guys Finish Last? The question, “Why do nice guys finish last?” is one of the most common conundrums I hear about from, well, nice guys. And many of those nice guys are shy guys, which isn’t a coincidence. More on that in a minute. But first, why do nice guys finish last? […]

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How To Flirt When You’re Shy

How to Flirt When You’re Shy (or Introverted) As with any new skill we learn, learning how to flirt when you’re shy comes with practice. Practice begins wherever we are now. But ain’t nothing gonna change, Charlie, if you don’t collect all your courage and begin. Note: This message isn’t directed at the Charlies of the […]

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Be More Confident

Situationally Shy? Socially Terrified? Here’s How to Be More Confident! I used to be super shy. How shy were you, Anna? Okay, unfiltered, totally vulnerable here: I peed my pants in class in Grade 7 because I was too shy to raise my hand to ask to go to the bathroom. True embarrassing story. Here’s how […]

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