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Nice Guys Finish Last and How To Be Less “Nice”

Why DO Nice Guys Finish Last? The question, “Why do nice guys finish last?” is one of the most common conundrums I hear about from, well, nice guys. And many of those nice guys are shy guys, which isn’t a coincidence. More on that in a minute. But first, why do nice guys finish last? […]

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How To Get Confident If You’re Shy AF

Confidence is Sexy. Get Confident = Get Sexy. Ok, yeah, I wrote an article that Courage is Sexy. That’s still true. (The article’s been shared 24,000 times.) But courage is sexy because to know how to get confident you need a tonne of courage—especially if you’re shy. I know about shyness. I used to be […]

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How to Build Confidence in Dating (For Men)

Guest Post from DatingVip.com If the fear of rejection or the likely chance of any date going wrong weren’t enough, there’s the problem of how to build confidence in dating. Trying to meet a woman in the real world or meet people online is challenging. We have to admit that dating isn’t the easiest game you could […]

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