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How To Flirt With Women Using “The Wave Over”

how to flirt with women

Flirting is Fun! Flirting is Necessary. Learning how to flirt with women is what separates the men in the running from the men in the Friend Zone. If you want to build sexual tension with a woman (you do) then you’ve got to get your flirting game face on. How to Flirt with Women Using “The […]

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How To Flirt With Women Over 40 [Video]

Q: Is “How to Flirt with Women Over 40” the Same as “Flirting with Women Under 40?” Women over 40 reading this: the next guy isn’t your last guy. Men wanting to date women over (or under) 40: ladies behind a bitterness blockade have good reason for erecting such walls. Getting passed her fortress isn’t […]

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