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How to Get a Girlfriend [video]

Must-Have Quality to Get a Girlfriend Without this one thing you’re doomed to singledom for, like, ever. Well, maybe not forever, but it’ll sure take you a shit ton more time to find the right partner without this quality. So, if you want to know how to get a girlfriend this is the first thing […]

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How to Approach Women and Get a Girlfriend [video]

Get a Girlfriend with No Means No?? Alert: Anna has not jumped in the deep end of the pool without her water wings! Everything is fine, nothing to see here folks! Joking aside, how to approach women is the first step to getting a girlfriend. What do I mean by “get a girlfriend with no means […]

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How to Find a Woman When You a Homebody [video]

How to Find a Woman (From Your Sofa) In this video, I answer a question from a follower who wrote me wanting to know how to find a woman when you don’t go out much. The good news: The Law of Attraction will bring you the girl of your dreams while you wait patiently on […]

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How to Get a Girl Out of Your League [video]

Get a Girl Out of Your League (But Not Jessica Alba) I may have been a bit enthusiastic in this video, so I’ll come clean right here right now. No, you cannot get Jessica Alba. There. Done. It’s out on the table. But wait, what if you don’t really want a Jessica Alba? Hear me […]

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What Women Want from Men

what women want from men

Women’s Needs Are Different than Men’s, But Kind of the Same Good news, guys! What women want from men is actually not that different than what men want to give women! Wait, what? Look, here’s the dealio … We may think we’re evolved, but we’re really not that evolved where it counts. When it comes to […]

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