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How To Love Yourself

the pressure of valentine's day

How To Know If You Love Yourself? You Love Yourself When … Someone sent me a query asking me “how to love yourself” and telling me about his lonely life in love-lacking misery accompanied with drug use and depression. We got on the you-must-love-yourself topic, whereby he declared his certainty of self-love. I said I’d write […]

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True or False: Nice Guys Finish Last?

Nice Guys Finish Last But Good Men Come In First The difference between nice guys and good guys is … self-assurance. And now here’s a photo of a dolphin … No, just kidding. Well, yes, it is a photo of a dolphin, but there’s more to this whole nice-guys-finish-last story. And if you don’t want to be […]

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How Childhood Trauma Affects Adult Rejection

Experiencing Childhood Trauma Affects Adult Rejection Warning: Trigger Alert The more you get rejected, the better you get at handling it. ~ Richard Phu, Dating Coach That is a quote I posted on my Facebook Wingmam page. I noted that when I was in real estate sales I got rejected “a shit tonne.” An astute […]

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Why “Just Be Yourself” Isn’t Enough Unless…

You’re Enough but Just Be Yourself Isn’t. If you know me or have read my posts for a while, you know that I like to ruffle feathers and stir shit up, as in: challenge the status quo. (Whatever that means.) But before you read this be yourself blog, I must disclose that either because of […]

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