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Sexting: The Ins And Outs

To Sext or Not to Sext If you read through this long-ass mojo post, you’ll get to the personal AJ TMI Sexting Stories. (I’m assuming you’re of legal age even though this is tame compared to the R-rated material most minors have access to.) “Sexting” is a weird word. If you say it a few […]

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Project 50 First Dates—When to Send The Dick Pic

Gentlemen, is There Ever Really a Good Time When to Send The Dick Pic? (You Might Be Surprised!) Dating Site: none; met in the “real world” Stats: early 40s, divorced, two kids Profession: sales My sixth first date and I go for a late breakfast at a big-ass breakfast greasy spoon café in Gastown. Like. […]

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Save Time, $ & Stress By Knowing What You Want In Online Dating

Top Tips for Men: Online Dating Dating 101: Dating Tips for Shy Men. Duet Right! Figure out your top five deal makers and deal breakers (combined) before you start dating. This means that you know what these are before you even get on a dating site (if you choose to go that route). Yes, only […]

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