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Get Out Of The Friend Zone [VIDEO]

Avoid the Friend Zone by Adding “This” Element What’s the one thing you need to get out of the friend zone? In this short video, I share the secret ingredient you need to avoid the friend zone. Seriously, without this one secret ingredient, you’ll wind up being friend zoned forever by every girl you’re interested […]

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Can Men And Women Be Friends?

What Do You Think—Can Men and Women Be Friends? Short answer: Sort of. A discussion on Facebook about whether or not we should stay friends with an ex received a shit ton of comments and varying opinions. Here’s mine. I’m close friends with one of the five exes I had serious, long-term, monogamous relationships with. […]

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Dating 101: Sexual Attraction, Physical Contact, Make Her Feel Safe

Highlights for Men From Conversations with Woman on Sexual Attraction and Physical Contact Dear Gentlemen, please: Don’t think that a conversation that seems easy and flows naturally means that she is sexually attracted to you. Some signs mean she is sexually attracted to you; [some] signs mean she’s not sexually attracted to you. Comfortable conversation does not […]

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Sexual Chemistry vs Emotional Connection

What's the difference between physical/sexual chemistry and intellectual/emotional connection?

The Difference Between Sexual Chemistry and Emotional Connection… This happened a few days ago … A guy on a dating site caught my attention! A rarity because 99.5% of the profiles I’ve read suck. Yes, that works out to 1 in 200 stand out in a good way. So, this guy has decent photos (not cheesy […]

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