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Vancouver Matchmaker Services

Vancouver Matchmaking Services
Anna Maria Jorgensen

♥ Cupid’s Corner ♥

So, you think you’re all that and a bag of chips and want to hire Vancouver Matchmaking Services, right? Okay, Romeo, let’s do this!

“The Happy Snacky”

Gets you in the database and gives you access to the WakeUP2Luv course, plus an in-person meeting with style feedback and a consult on photos.

$1,000. Includes an in-person discovery session with feedback on style, appearance, approach, and photos.

“The Full Meal Dealio”

I will…personally search for “The One” including connecting with cooperating local/international matchmakers. Totally old-school. It’s a lot of work because you’re a catch *wink* so I’m selective on who you’re set up with. Quality over quantity! But with a lot of personal follow up in between introductions.

I will never…

  • Set you up with a “back up” date. Yup, it happens.
  • Disclose ahead of time if I suggest someone in my personal circle of influence. This happens, too.
  • Restrict you from working with other matchmakers. Check your contract!

Starting at $2,500. Includes an in-person discovery session with feedback on style, appearance, approach, and photos. Inquire for more details.

If you are already a Wingmam dating coach client, 50% of what you’ve invested in dating coach programs can be applied to matchmaking fees. You’re welcome. 😉 🌹


So, you’ve been referred to Anna or looked up Vancouver matchmaking services and are wondering what makes Anna the right matchmaker for you… I don’t blame you. Love is a serious matter!

A potential client asked these questions about my matchmaking services. Here are his questions and my reply …Dating and relationship coach

  1. What makes Wingmam’s Vancouver matchmaking services different: Intuition.
  2. What makes Wingmam a better Vancouver matchmaker: Intuition? (Heart!)
  3. What makes Wingmam a qualified Vancouver matchmaker: Read on to find out!

These are great questions to ask any matchmaker!

There are several Matchmaking Services in Vancouver. Some are very good. Some, from my own experience, less great, and some—from what I’ve heard—would make me want to hightail it and skidaddle.

I promise that I won’t set you up on fake dates to “make quota.” I’ll only set you up if I genuinely feel there are compatible values, qualities and the potential for a great connection.

My goal is for you to be happily “settled without settling” with your right sweetheart.

Anna’s Matchmaker History

In the 20 years that I was a REALTORⓇ, I sold over 1500 properties and discovered that my success was attributed to …

  • Old-fashioned hard work—my strong work ethic is what clients pay for and deserve.
  • Maverick marketing methods—I represented properties in their best light, knowing that the property’s “flaws” could be accepted by the right buyer.
  • Understanding and respecting clients’ needs and delivering on those needs—happy clients result in a reputation-based business.

Matchmaking home buyers with the right home isn’t much different to matchmaking soulmates. When it comes to making a big decision, we all have certain must-have criteria but sometimes we just have that “This is the one!” feeling.

Working with me gives you the best chance of finding that perfect match for you because …

  • I’m committed to working hard to find that person,
  • I’ll help you trouble-shoot your “dateability” blindspots—you’re not a fixer upper, but you may benefit from a light “cosmetic reno.” (We determine if you’d benefit from a slight shift in appearance, conversational skills, attitude, dating etiquette, etc.)
  • I’ll market you in your best, authentic, shining light to appeal to the right mate.
  • I respect your true needs and must-haves in a mate while using my intuition for the rest.

How did I know which of the dozens of homes, all with the same qualities, best suited a client? Seriously, often it was intuition or maybe a higher power or the law of attraction—you choose! The one constant was that I am really good at finding the right match.

But, what if my perfect match doesn’t exist, Anna?

Indulge me in sharing a short true matchmaking story …

I had sold Bill’s house. He was a real estate client that owned a helicopter company, and we had a limited time to find another one.

Of course, what Bill wanted didn’t exist on the market at the time.

“Anna, it must have this and this and this … you’re never going to find it.”

I asked him about his “why’s” (why these particular features were important to him) and what he told me made sense. But there still wasn’t a single house on the market that I knew for certain he’d fall in love with.

A few days later, I was driving and took a “wrong turn,” but instead of turning around, my intuition told me to keep driving. I drove down this long, winding country road until I ran out of pavement and then I continued driving on a gravel road. I didn’t know why I kept going at the time, but I knew I must.

Cut to next scene:

Me, on my cell phone with spotty connection, in high heels aerating the front lawn of the. perfect. property.

“Bill, I found it! It’s even got a helicopter [landing] pad; you can fly to work and home!”

The road’s name has Bill’s name in it. He looked at that one house and bought it and still lives there 25 years later. He knew I’d found him “The One.”

This is a true story. Although this perfect matchmaking happened many times throughout my real estate career, this is still my favourite because it was early in my career and has stood the test of time.

Are You Ready for Vancouver Matchmaking Services?

You don’t have to believe you’ll find your right match. I know they’re out there, and I will find them for you … with a little hard work, smart marketing (of you) and an understanding of your must-have needs, I will help you find, attract and keep lasting love.

There is a best, right person out there for each of us.

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Anna Jorgensen
Vancouver Matchmaker Connection

Are you ready to meet your mate?

I’d love to be your Vancouver Matchmaker. Let’s chat!


Anna 🌹
Vancouver Matchmaking Services
Founder: Wingmam


As your Vancouver Matchmaker, my mission is to help you find and attract the love of your life by helping you rewrite your love script and end single-hood and life with mismatched socks… but…

Hiring a matchmaker alone doesn’t guarantee love success. You’ve gotta be your best you, hence… coaching!

The WakeUP2Luv: Get a Girlfriend Guide shows you how to be your best authentic self and how to understand the different needs of men and women in romantic relationships. This program is included in Anna’s matchmaking services packages. If you’re not ready for matchmaking services, the program is a “must-have” for dating and relationship success.

Love is the answer.