Manifest The Man Of Your Dreams With The Law Of Attraction

Get the Guy You Really Want

He’s out there, I promise! If you want to use the Law of Attraction to find and attract the man of your
get the guydreams and get the guy you really want—the one who makes you smile just to think about him—then there’s one thing you’ve got to do right this red hot second …

Believe he exists.

If you can wrap your head around that one, then the second thing you’ve got to do is …

Believe you’re worthy of him.

It seems like I’m asking a lot, doesn’t it?

But here’s a Universal Law of Attraction Truth—

We truly don’t see it until we believe it’s possible—whatever “it” is.

AJ Law of Attraction Short Story #1

I read a book, The E-Myth, about the law of attraction and energy and all that woo-woo stuff. It’s good; I recommend it.

In the book, it offers nine short experiments that we can do to “test the attraction theory.”

One of them was to choose a rare-ish model and colour of car and then notice how many you see it within the next 24 hours (or maybe it was 48 hours—whatever).

At the time, I was staying at my sister’s in my small hometown. That day I drove to the next town over, a 30-minute drive. I saw six green Jettas on my drive. That’s kind of a lot.manifest soulmate

AJ Law of Attraction Short Story #2

Along the same line, I was recently with my sister and her daughter at Costco. When we came out to the parking lot, I yelled “green Jetta!” because, well, there was a green Jetta right there, y’all.

They asked why I always yell out “green Jetta!” like I’ve won the lottery whenever I see one, so I explained the experiment.

I suggested they pick a rare car, and we’d test the theory.

My niece decided to play along: “Ok, white BMW.”

My sister and I both said, “Ohhhh!” because in my small hometown neither of us had ever seen a white BMW.

You guessed it: less than 10 minutes later on our way home, we saw a white BMW on the side of the road for sale.

“White BMW!”

The next day, I saw that same BMW parked on the side of the road, plus two more.

In Vancouver, where I live, white BMWs are everywhere. I counted 17 while having lunch with my business coach the other day. (She was a little perturbed that I keep yelling “white BMW!” and choking on my salad every few minutes.)

Manifest the Man of Your Dreams Using the Law of Attraction Takeaway

When we believe it’s possible, it’s possible. We notice more men of our dreams because we’re expecting to notice and paying attention to those dreamy guys. Or, maybe, just maybe we’re actually drawing them into our life.

Manifest the Man of Your Dreams Using the Law of Attraction Actionable

Try the specific car experiment. Or use a pink butterfly or white owl or whatever. Set a time limit and see if you start noticing that thing you never notice. Report back!


p.s. The part where you feel worthy of that amazing man can be found in my Get The Man of Your Dreams Program. The bonus part—you’ll love your life and yourself so damn much that you’ll not only feel and be super attractive, you’ll be beating all the good ones off with a stick. Yes, even if you don’t look like … [insert movie star here]. I promise.

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