What Turns Men On About Women’s Bodies

And…What Turns Men Off

What turns men on about women’s bodies varies from man to man. Shockingly to some women, men really do like all shapes and sizes. Look around and you’ll see evidence of it when you notice couples.

Men who truly love women simply really love women.

Not in a spread-his-seed-far-and-wide kind of way, but in a way that celebrates all that’s feminine about women.

Bold and Beautiful

Bold and Beautiful!

Men love our soft skin and our hips and our breasts and our curves, and they love our eyes when we provide a tender, loving glance or take-me-now-come-hither glance.

Men love our hands and our hair and our lips—yup, both sets—and our feet and our bellies and the dimples above our butts.

What turns men on about women’s bodies is that they are women’s bodies!

Some men like athletic bodies. Some men like curvy, voluptuous bodies. Other men like model-like thinness or bootylicious backsides.

And, yes, ladies, there are men who like “full-figured” women and all that entails—including cellulite and rolls—which is awesome because then y’all can go out and share some cinnamon rolls and really, really fucking enjoy them together.

(And, no, it’s not the same for skinny chicks to enjoy a jelly doughnut with her man. Not the same at all. #sorrynotsorry)

So, what turns men off?

What turns men off is our damn insecurities about what God gave us in all Her infinite wisdom! 😉

Men don’t know how to deal with our insecurities without feeling the ick factor of fear. Fear that they’ll say the wrong thing … because almost anything they say is—to us—the damn wrong thing.

When we get naked with a man, he’s not thinking about our physical flaws. He’s thinking about his raging erection. I totally promise.

If we interrupt passion with “don’t look at my stretch marks” or “I feel too fat” or even if we get out of the moment by jockeying position to hide our cellulite, it dampens the mood and not in a good way.

What turns men off is a negative distraction from hot, steamy intimacy.

And what is intimacy? In to me see.

Sex is about vulnerability and seeing each other in our base state while enraptured with animalistic passion.

Now, that’s sexy, ladies!

So, next time you’re tempted to get out of the moment and disclose some flaw or get fixated on what turns men on about your body, remember that he wouldn’t be there with you “standing tall” if you didn’t turn him on.

Bam! And bam-bam, please.

xo AJ

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