Ladies, Please Leave #BossBabe in The Boardroom!

Feminism vs. Feminine EmpowerMENt

When I was a ball-busting business woman with a finger-snapping habit, I didn’t get hit on a lot. No surprise there! I was intimidating AF. What man in his right mind would want to be with an impatient #BossBitch?

Truth was that I was married at the time, but the poor guy married me before I hit high success and low-patience levels. He kind of learned to roll with the verbal punches, which included a lot of “sum up, please” verbage.

I admit, I may have looked hot in heels and a pencil skirt, but my attitude was ugly AF, ladies.

#BossBabe Hint #1:

Men respect a woman who’s got her shit together at work, no doubt, but men need respect from their Boss Babe partners for them to feel equal. (Feminism is about equality, no?)

What’s really sexy is a woman who can own it in the corporate world and still come home and make a man feel like a man. That ain’t degrading! That’s holding a fuck ton of power.

Giving a man what he needs to feel like a man is a gift he appreciates.

#BossBabe Hint #2:

Men will try to live up to our standards and expectations IF there’s a chance they’ll win our respect and approval. That means there has to be a standard of giving him respect and approval.

No, they should not NOT need that from us. Guys have built-in needs, just like women. Women’s emotional centre in the brain is eight times bigger than a man’s, so we tend to need to use more words than a man (on average 20,000 words vs 7,000 words). And that’s OK.

By the way, that emotional centre and the associated “relationship genius” that women are naturally born with are part of what makes us amazing in any area of business that is relationship-oriented. Like, um, all the most important areas, duh.

#BossBabe Hint #3:

When men get kudos for the little things, they’ll try harder to please us and work on some of the bigger things we keep nagging them about, in their own time, but still … it ain’t the boardroom! Patience, ladies, we gotta practice patience.

Instead of making of fun of guys for acting like little boys, why not embrace it. Praise the good behaviour and they’ll do more good stuff to try to win approval.

“But they should act like an adult.”

They do! They’re just wired differently than women are. We can fight it or embrace it and have a win-win world in work and in love. To me, that’s a smart deal.

#BossBabe Hint #4:

Men will not take advantage of a woman who gives him an inch—though, I like to joke that he will want to give her back what he thinks is 7”. 😉

If a woman has set some standards and established boundaries, she’s already got her man strategy established. Men don’t take advantage of women with standards and boundaries, because those expectations are set in the beginning and he has accepted that contract.

What I mean is that if we set our standards and boundaries early on, the guys who really are assholes will ditch early and not stick around.

If a guy sticks around knowing what our standards and boundaries are—and respects those standards and boundaries—then we got nothing to worry about. Forget ‘bout it.

#BossBabe Hint #5:

Women feel sexier when we reclaim our feminine nature. It’s also a smart #BossMove because we can add a team member at no additional cost. 😉

How to Be More Feminine

  1. Let men do stuff for us—whether it’s opening a door or choosing the restaurant.
  2. Playful tease with “You’re such a man” or “That’s such a guy thing.” Men love to be acknowledged as men! As long as it’s not a sneaky, snarky or sarcastic dis.
  3. Ask for help. Letting them help is one thing, asking for help lets them be a minor league hero. Speaking of which …
  4. Tell him he’s your hero. Seriously. For anything.
  5. Sexual rewards. Seriously! But ONLY if you’re already at that stage and you’re giving it out anyway; otherwise, you just a Ho. But if you tell a man he’s getting a “reward” *wink* for picking up your drycleaning, then lady, you’ve got a laundry delivery service onboard. The best part is that you get sex, too. Win-win.

What’s the toughest part of being feminine for you? Let me know in the comments!


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