Stuff I Swear By!

My Memoir! The midlife crisis that launched my journey to conquering shyness, insecurity and severely shitty self-esteem.

Warning: 75 uses of the f-bomb and a ton of TMI!

How I Stay Fit & Healthy & Sexy Y’all… 😉

This is how I stay fit & healthy naturally, even with a slow thyroid!!!  THRIVE by Le-Vel is something that’s hard to explain, and challenging to describe… it’s something that can only be experienced. Bottom line: I can eat a fuckofalot and stay healthy and slim when I take my THRIVE. Click on a pic to find out more!

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The Bellicon

Benefits of a Bellicon:

  1. Bionic vagina. I shit you not. Read more here. (Warning: NC17)
  2. Incontinence be gone. I piss you not. It tightens the muscles of your pelvic wall every time you jump.
  3. Flushes toxins, supports the adrenals. Basically, it shakes things up so ick can flow out.
  4. Um, exercise. Easy on the joints; full-body; 15 min max — done!
  5. Quiet as a sleeping lamb. (Don’t go for a rebounder with springs. Just. Don’t.)

Mentionable Mentors – From over 25 years of active learning, these are my chosen mentors — the best of the best. I’ve read their books, watched their videos, taken their workshops, studied and practiced their expert advice and bow to their teachings…

Dating Sites Review:

The Best Online Dating Sites

Dating, Love & Relationship Experts:
Katie & Gay Hendricks – Hearts In Harmony

Katie and Gay are a gay old couple — don’t get all pissy, “old” ain’t an insult, sheesh — anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah, the fact these two birds have been together for-like-everrr and are both relationship coaches attests to their collectively vast knowledge of couple’s relationship dynamics. They’re awesome. I’ve participated in their programs, read all their articles and although their style is more traditional than my post-modern potty mouth, the advice is spot on.

            heart     ready     theone

Alison Armstrong: The Queen’s CodeQueens Code Men

Alison is a goddess. No, really, she is. What’s best about Alison’s goddess-y-ness is that she’s not “too pretty.” Oh, she’s pretty, but you know what I mean. If she were all Pamela Pretty, we’d be like, “Well, duh, she makes men feel like Kings…” But, instead, she’s Pretty Mom Next Door pretty making men feel like kings. Now, that is a talent. I’ve read her books, watched her videos, and inhaled her teachings. Any woman can make a man feel amazing. I incorporate her teachings, but if you want it straight from the source, here yah go!

Matt Boggs:  Cracking the Man Code

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 3.29.33 PMYep, I’ve watched all his videos, taken the courses and read his NYT best-seller, and after all that I want to give him a hug and pinch his cheeks because he’s so darn cute and wholesome, unlike moi. (I’d say he’s sexy machismo, too, but he’s married and I only have eyes for The Gerry.) Again, Matt knows his stuff and I’ve incorporated his stuff into my teachings. Thanks, Matt.

Start / Grow Your Biz Big Time Experts:
Marie Forleo: B-School (Sexy, Savvy and Sassy!)Marie-Forleo-quote

Marie is a cheeky, classy wench. That’s the highest honour I bestow any woman. And she’s got a great sense of humour and humility so she probably won’t sue me if she sees this. (Please don’t sue me.) She’s a super-savvy, sassy business woman without the ball-busting edge most chicks seem to think they need to succeed. If you’re a business woman (/person!) you need B-school and Marie. #bowstohergreatness (Hey, by the way, I’m not remunerated in any way for these words of gratitude!)



The Whole Shebang (/Hebang?): Life, Love, Biz, Whole-Soul Stuff:
Danielle LaPorte:  The Desire Map

Ok, I might have a special place in my heart for Danielle because she drops the F-bombs like a water-dropping fire-bomber, but she’s also all heart. She lives her passion, shares her passion and helps others find and ignite their passions. She’s a witty and brilliant writer and creator and all about the feel-good-giddy stuff that straight-lines us to life success. Wham-bam-in-demand-ma’am! Wanna know how to face your fears, follow your heart and make whack cash? She got your back. #Lovesher


Karen Salmansohn: Do It Program! (Your Bod)Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 12.22.05 PM

Aside from the fact that Karen’s a writer for Oprah(!), has best-selling books and programs and yarns words into works of informative art, she helped me get my shit together when I was starting out on my writing and teaching adventures by guiding me with my perfect-for-me-business-purpose. She’s a wizard with metaphors meant to help retain info and make sense of what otherwise seems way too fricken complicated. Also, hello, she lives in NYC, y’all. Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 12.25.19 PMKaren is the “people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing self-help” self-help go-to gal. (Um, and me, k?)


Tony Robbins: Guru of Gurusmaxresdefault

Bow bow bow bow. I love Tony. I’ve been reading Tony Robbins self-development books and listening to his audio programs since I was fifteen. Yep, I was a popular teen. (But not so much.) Tony has spent so much time studying human psychology, he’s literally a walking encyclopedia and, yes, world expert, on the subject. He knows human dynamics better than (probably) anyone. No, really. He lives and breathes for this stuff. So do I, but he’s been focused on it for longer and has worked with 50 million people. Impressive, indeed. TYTR