Vancouver Matchmaking Services

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Vancouver Matchmaker Services are for you if:

Vancouver Dating Coach Anna Maria Jorgensen

  • You’ve got your shit together and want someone in the same league, thanks so much
  • You’re too busy for dating sites and / or think most people on them are fakes, flakes and fibbers
  • You’re “back on the market” after the end of a long term relationship and don’t want to choose the wrong partner again
  • You can pony up the dough to have someone else do the pre-screening
  • You don’t mind having a background/credit check on you completed because that ensures your match has been checked, too…if not, what have they got to hide??
  • You’ve completed my WakeUP2Luv program (You want us to screen your matches, too, no? Hint: Trust me, you do!)

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Vancouver Matchmaker Services

♥ Cupid’s Corner ♥

So you think you’re all that and a bag of chips? Okay, Juliette, let’s do this!

“The Happy Snacky”

Gets you in the database and gives you access to the WakeUP2Luv course, plus an in-person meeting with style feedback and a consult on photos.

$1,000. Includes an in-person discovery session with feedback on style, appearance, approach, and photos.

“The Full Meal Dealio”

I will…personally search for “The One” including connecting with cooperating local/international matchmakers. Totally old-school. It’s a lot of work because you’re a catch *wink* so I’m selective on who you’re set up with. Quality over quantity! But with a lot of personal follow up in between introductions.

I will never…

  • Set you up with a “back up” date. Yup, it happens.
  • Disclose ahead of time if I suggest someone in my personal circle of influence. This happens, too.
  • Restrict you from working with other matchmakers. Check your contract!

Starting at $2,500. Includes an in-person discovery session with feedback on style, appearance, approach, and photos. Inquire for more details.

If you are already a Wingmam dating coach client, 50% of what you’ve invested in dating coach programs can be applied to matchmaking fees. You’re welcome. 😉 🌹

Phone consult: FREE

In-person consult: $100

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Vancouver Matchmaker and Dating Coach
Founder: Wingmam

Wait. Are you still hesitating?

Hmm… I think you’ll benefit from my WakeUp2Luv Program. Check it out!

“[WakeUP2Luv] would’ve saved me years of counselling…” Y.C. Vancouver

“I wish I knew this stuff before my last relationship.” C.S. Vancouver

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