The Best Places To Meet Women (For Shy Guys)

Where Are The Best Places to Meet Women?

Whenever I’m asked by shy guys where the best places to meet women are, I say, “Online dating sites.” And then they sigh, or roll their eyes, or slump their shoulders—or all of these things—and say, “I tried online dating and it didn’t work for me.”

And then I tell them the most important thing to know about online dating—which I’m sharing in this quick vid. (You’re welcome!)

Before you watch the video at the end of this post, here’s some bonus info because I heart you…

Bonus Tip for Shy Guys on The Best Places to Meet Women 

“Online” doesn’t only mean dating sites. There are other great places online for shy guys to meet single gals!

Shut up, Anna, I don’t believe you!

No, really. It’s true.

The reason—especially for shy guys—on why the best places to meet women are online is because it’s way less intimidating that approaching a girl in real life who you have no idea is single or interested in you or even dating for that matter!

And, eventhough,, and even Tinder (which I like to call Tinder Bingo!) are great online dating sites (and, yes, places of struggle and humour!), there are other, maybe even better, places to meet quality singles.

Other Than Online Dating Sites, Where Are Some Other Best Places to Meet Women Online?

  • LinkedIn (See example below.)
  • Facebook (I wrote an article on this one here.)
  • MeetUp (Show up!)

Why Are These Online Sites Are Some of The Best Places To Meet Women?

You have stuff in common and having stuff in common—business, friends, hobbies/interests—makes it easier to connect. The key is to not be a creepy, single stalker weirdo.

Since these aren’t “singles-oriented” sites, you don’t know if the person of interest is single, so you’ve got to use some delicacy in discovering single status.

LinkedIn Example:

A great way to approach a woman on LinkedIn is to contact her and let her know that you’re “expanding your networking” and then ask to take them for a coffee to “see how we can support each others’ businesses.”

This works because you’re not officially asking her out on a date. If she’s not single or if she’s not interested, she’ll likely find a polite way to decline and you won’t have to feel personally rejected.

If she accepts it doesn’t automatically mean she’s single, and you may have to discover that when you meet. But that’s okay, too, because she may have single friends and you got some non-intimidating practice in talking to a woman.

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