Where Never To Touch A Woman On a First Date [Video]

Never Touch a Woman—Or a Man—In The No-Go Zones

You gonna get a slap to that hand, man. (Or Miss.)

In this video, you’ll learn where never to touch a woman on a first date. Or a dude—unless you be wanting “some,” which a man may provide even if he’s not interested in forever. And if you be wanting some, then you best have met under those circumstances because touching a person in these places without that understanding is a disrespect of boundaries, whether you’re a dude or dudette.

Although I wrote that and even though this video is for both men and women, it is still true that most men ain’t gonna mind if you touch them in any of these places, but will probably get the wrong idea—or the right-on! idea―if the lady reaching out is in need of sexual servicing.

No matter what the current social standards, biology continues to support (in my experience talking with both men and women) that men are more likely to enjoy sex―for the sake of sex, if nothing else―than women are. Most women give sex more emotional meaning than men do at the beginning of a (potential) relationship.

For the purposes of this fun-ucational video, let’s assume you’re looking for a long time not just a good night. In which case, keep yer hands off these areas of his or her bod (for now).

Incidentally, once you’ve advanced to bumping nasties on a regular basis because y’all really like each other, then these become the hell-yeah! places to touch each other.

Keep in mind that some people appreciate public displays of grazing or groping, and others prefer the touchy-feely-feel-me-up in private only, please. And some people no likey touchy at all unless you’re getting busy in the service bay. *wink*

Side note: If physical affection is a vital quality to you—a Top 5 Must-Have—then it’s important to figure that out up front. People show love in different ways, and when we’re not shown love in the way we need, we end up feeling … unloved. That sucks. People don’t change easily, even for love.

Hey, by the way, y’all know that no rules apply when you’ve met the one, right?

—Wait! WTF?—

I know that statement seems contradictory, but here’s the dealio, daddio (mamasitas!):

Not everyone meets their soul mate in a blaze of fireworks. Some soul connections take time to build a fire that endures.

If you happen to experience the latter category—the slow-glowing ember—because you’re extra hesitant, had a shitty past relationship or no past relationships or because you’re nervous, bitter, starting as friends or whatever made you skeptical in trusting yourself and love—or simply slow going—then you might as well not fuck it up before a flame flickers by not touching places where no wo/man should go (yet).

And p.s. If you have had those fireworks relationships in the past, and you’re here and single and you’re reading this, it might be time to try something new. Just a thought. #feelingcheeky


Bonus! Here’s the alternate vid I did on this topic:

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