Be More Confident [Video]

How to Be More Confident Whether You’re Situationally Shy or Socially Totally Terrified

I used to be super shy.

How shy were you, Anna?

Okay, unfiltered, totally vulnerable here: I peed my pants in class in Grade 7 because I was too shy to raise my hand to ask to go to the bathroom. True embarrassing story.

Here’s the long and the short of how to be more confident:

  1. Slouching portrays: lack of interest, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, unhealthy body. Mostly, I see men slouching, but it’s a turn-off whether you’re male, female or other.
  2. Our physical stance is directly connected (neurologically) to our emotions, so when we physically set our body up in a confident pose—sit straight, stand tall, shoulders back, chin up, and smile—our brains tells us immediately that we’re more confident than a second ago. Fake it until your neurons fire up some bad-ass almost real confidence.
  3. The gait bit in the video? Yep, same brain process. Long, slow and steady strides read confidence. Pretend you’re Denzel Washington in [any movie he’s done!] Hot. Or if you’re a woman: Katniss. In slow mo. Minus the arrows or eye daggers.

Remember this formula:

Courage + Action + Practice = Competence = Confidence = SEXY

Note: Confidence and arrogance are not the same animal. The former is quiet self-assurance; the latter is braggart and boring, aka Yes, Sir! Major Turnoff, Sir!

Yep, as you might’ve guessed, I’m no longer shy—which is not the same as introverted, which I still am. I even applied to speak at TedTalks recently. Although I’d have shit my pants had I been accepted, I still applied, people!

I taught myself how to get over shyness, and I’m paying it forward by teaching others how to get over shyness (without having to tell your ultra private pee stories).

xo AJ

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pee.pee.s. I don’t pee my pants anymore. I totally promise. (That’s in case MFH reads this.)

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