Project 50 First Dates—When to Send The Dick Pic

Gentlemen, is There Ever Really a Good Time When to Send The Dick Pic? (You Might Be Surprised!)

Dating Site: none; met in the “real world”
Stats: early 40s, divorced, two kids
Profession: sales

My sixth first date and I go for a late breakfast at a big-ass breakfast greasy spoon café in Gastown. Like.

I originally met this fella back in December through a girl friend when I was helping her with a “career function” and some light, mutual text flirtation ensued between him and I … until I discovered that he didn’t meet my Top 5, at which point, the fun fizzled.

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Anyway, back to Big Dick … and he wasn’t a dick, actually.

We had an easy-going, fun conversation a few days ago that had me wondering if I might alter my Top 5—danger! danger!—but I was saved because…

…after the “not really a date,” our text flirting escalated, and I wound up with a (somewhat artistic) photo of his penis.

To be fair, there could’ve been—obviously, there was—some misconstrued misinterpretation of whether or not to send the image of “his toes.”

What I thought of as side-smirk-innuendo-wink, he took to mean, “Yes, please, send me an image of your erection, STAT.” Which he did.

Rule #1 (and only) re: When to send the dick pic …

Send a photo of your penis only when she explicitly requests it.


Her: Please send me a photo of your [penis] 😉
You: Really??
Her: Yes! Totally serious.
You: Okay … he it comes 😉

Hint: Wait a few moments. Why?

  • In case she changes her mind (women do that)
  • To arouse anticipation
  • To have time to “fluff it up” (no one wants a limp dick pic)

If you send a dick pic too soon and without her request to a quality woman that you want to bed for the long term, she will think:

  • You’re immature.
  • You only want sex.
  • You’re an idiot—delete, do not pass go, do not come (over.)

In my case, I hadn’t seen a real live dick pic in so long that it caught me off guard, and I promptly saved the photo, but deleted the boy-man.

Let’s remember, I’m a quality woman looking to bed a man for the long term. (I’ll explain in another post why casual sex interferes with this goal for many women.)

I asked him some point blank questions, via text, that would see if he would meet my Top 5.

His reply: “This will cost you breakfast.” Followed by more flirting and averting.

Note: Had he the balls to answer my questions honestly and even had those answers been “wrong,” I might’ve considered a fling or a friends-with-benefits situation (read this article I wrote about flings vs. FWB)—even though it goes against my ultimate relationship plan (dual meaning)—because I haven’t seen a real live dick in a while, people!


  1. A gentleman looking for the long term saves sending the dick pic for after she’s already seen the real live thing in the flesh.
  2. A gentleman slowly escalates sexting based on the lead of the quality woman he wants a long-term relationship with.
  3. And a gentleman (now) knows that I only sell “long-term happy couple coupling frequently” ideas, and if you want to know how to wet-‘em-and-bed-‘em, this is not the site for you.

Finally, if Big Dick is reading this, please learn something and don’t be angry: I just told the world you have a nice penis.

xo AJ

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xo Anna

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You got this.

Um, yeah, here’s the fine print:

DISCLAIMER: Anna is not a psychiatrist—no way—or medical advisor—nope—you are responsible for your actions and the results thereof. Such is life.

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