Do Women Like Cheesecake Better Than Sex?

Seriously? Do Women Like Cheesecake Better Than Sex?

Another write-in question, perhaps in half jest. Either way—relevant!

Short answer: sometimes, yes.

We also like kittens and forest walks and girl friend time and cuddles and rom-coms better than sex. Sometimes.

Why would women like anything better than sex? Men usually don’t. Or … do they?

Men and women like sex differently, but both have certain emotional needs that help build lustful desire.

Remember that the sex area of human brain is 20 times larger in men. (Not sure if this applies to gay men, but, honey, based on the gays I know, I’d suspect at least that.)

This means that even though a man might prefer more emotional connection—connection that is more emotional and more of it—with his mate in general, it doesn’t prevent fornication—in fact, a man will typically become more connected through sex with his partner.

Women are the opposite.

We usually need emotional connection to become aroused. That’s not to say we need a deep conversation before you go deep, but the tone of the relationship influences our ability to become readily aroused.

If things are copacetic in the relationship, “nudge nudge wink wink” will often work for us. If things are tense, we choose cheesecake.

We all have our preferred comfort foods, but cheesecake and carbs convert to sugar, and sugar has the same effect on the brain as cocaine, baby. (Note: both bad for you.)

The Takeaway:

  • If you want to get down and dirty with your girly, give her the emotional nourishment she needs so she won’t have to turn to treats to satisfy.

Bonus hint for the ladies: Men will also turn to comfort foods if they’re not feeling emotionally nourished within the relationship. But they’ll still bone you.

xo AJ

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