How To Flirt With Women Using “The Wave Over”

Flirting is Fun! Flirting is Necessary.

Learning how to flirt with women is what separates the men in the running from the men in the Friend Zone. If you want to build sexual tension with a woman (you do) then you’ve got to get your flirting game face on.

How to Flirt with Women Using “The Wave Over” Technique

When you see a woman who gets your shamrock shaking and she’s giving you an “I dig you” sign, be brave, be bold…

Hold eye contact while sporting an exaggeratedly silly expression until she laughs. If she responds with a chuckle, laugh or blushing smile, wave her over, dude!

Laughter releases feel-good endorphins that are associated with you.

Note: This only works IF she’s giving you “Yes, please!” signs. Otherwise you’re just “that creepy guy.”

2 Signs She Wants You to Talk to Her

  1. She keeps glancing at you. Check behind you to make sure she is looking at you, otherwise it could get awkward. Not so funny.
  2. She starts playing with her hair, especially if her hair is longer. She may start twirling it. This may seem like an antiquated sign, but it still holds true today.

Now, go forth and bring laughter to the world!

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Note for any ladies reading this: This flirting technique also works on a lot of men (um, trust me!) but we need to tone down the silly face a snitch or sexual tension disappears quick-fast.

By the way, most men appreciate being flirted with! Men don’t speak hint so you don’t have to be quite so subtle. It’s called “dropping the handkerchief,” A reference to how ladies flirted in the days of old.

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