How To Get Confident If You’re Shy AF

Confidence is Sexy. Get Confident = Get Sexy.

Ok, yeah, I wrote an article that Courage is Sexy. That’s still true. (The article’s been shared 24,000 times.) But courage is sexy because to know how to get confident you need a tonne of courage—especially if you’re shy.

I know about shyness. I used to be so shy that I had trouble making eye contact—with anyone. (Not just with guys.)

If you’re so shy that even making eye contact is scary AF, then you need to start … at the start.

What I mean is, don’t go out and stare people down to get over it.

First, that’s creepy. Second, you’re just not gonna do it.

You gotta take the “reach around” approach!

Go at it—how to get confident and get over shyness, that is—from another angle.

If you’re super shy—like prairie mouse shy—I recommend an angle that doesn’t involve other people.

For example:

Take up a new hobby that’ll make you feel like you’re the bomb, like … learn how to play the guitar. But take an online course, where there’s no real people.

By the way, the guitar is the sexiest instrument to learn. I read that somewhere.

But, Anna, that’ll take way too long.

But listen, You, how long have you been suffering in shyness and lack of confidence?

If you don’t have a social life anyway, then giving up reading a few articles on Cracked ain’t gonna affect your life much. Actually, it will. You’ll be learning something that makes you feel good and is attractive and can eventually get you loved and laid. Because—

When we get good at things, we feel good about ourselves. And when we feel good about ourselves, we feel more confident in general.

The fine print: Confidence is a muscle you gotta work forever after. Amen. Deal with it.

How to Get Confident Takeaway

Confidence levels directly relate to the number of areas in which we feel capable and proud of ourselves. The more things we feel competent in, the more confidence we have.

How to Get Confident Action Steps

  1. Make a list of things you’re interested in but not already good at.
  2. Choose one and start getting good at it.
  3. When you’re awesome at that thing, pick another thing.
  4. Repeat.
  5. Repeat that shit again and again.

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