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Nice Guy Syndrome

In No More Mr Nice Guy, Dr. Robert Glover describes what Nice Guy Syndrome is and where it comes from; how being “too nice” is holding guys back from having the life, love and great sex they want; and provides exercises to overcome Nice Guy Syndrome.

AJ TMI True Nice Guy Syndrome Story

After I read Dr. Glover’s book, I realized how many nice guys I’ve gone out with. At least half the guys I’ve been in long-term, committed relationships with had Nice Guy Syndrome!

Guess what happened in all of those relationships?

After months, or years, of my being frustrated from loss of trust in these guys with Nice Guy Syndrome – which, by it’s very nature Nice Guy Syndrome creates loss of trust (watch the video to find out why) – I no longer respected these well-meaning guys, and broke up with them.

Nice Guy Syndrome is a Lose-Lose: You’re a Loser and You Gonna Lose Her

A crowd’s popular opinion can sway a man who doesn’t have his own opinion. An uncertain man can’t be trusted.

Women can sway a guy who always agrees with them. But!

If a man can’t stand up to a woman, he can’t stand up for a woman.

Dr. Glover

Women unconsciously shit-test guys all the time. We look for backbone. Because if a guy doesn’t have a backbone, a woman won’t feel safe with him.

Women’s primary need is to feel safe physically, and emotionally.

Nice Guys fail the shit-test time and time again…

Nice Guys don’t want to offend.

Or rock the boat.

Or draw attention to differences (in opinion, taste, preference, etc.) in case one of those differences is a deal-breaker for the girl.

Nice guys are simply too “nice.”

Being a Nice Guy is sure to get you in the friend zone, or worse, get you a bully girlfriend who thinks you’re a putz.

Break free, man, break free and be a man, a good man not a nice guy.

Here’s the video I mentioned in last weeks’ blog, No More Mr Nice Guy.

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Vancouver Dating Coach for Shy Guys & Introverted Men. Matchmaker Liaison. Founder: Wingmam

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Ron Werner says August 26, 2017

First thought…some truth to it.
2nd thought…There’s a lot of BS in this. A lot of blame on the guy but none on the woman.
Ie guy plans date, takes the lead etc etc. All the woman can do is B&C, doesn’t like the restaurant etc etc.

For myself, I’m looking for the intimacy, however I’m not looking to get a woman in bed. I’m looking for onewoman that will stick it out till death , not just until she feels off.

As for the “not good enough” feelings, that comes from feedback from women who leave if you do offend them, or don’t illicit the feeling of “attraction”, or not trying to seduce them, or just being normal.

There are many men out there that have nothing wrong with them. They are truly nice men. It’s the women that have the problem because they can’t deal with a nice man.

I know for me as well it’s confidence with dealing with women. Been bailed on too many times. It could be I have issues but it could also be the women I try to meet have more issues.

It’s a risk to express your feelings/wants/desires. A really quick way to find out if the woman is mature.

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