How to Approach Women (And When Not To) [VIDEO]

Know When to Walk Away, Know When to Run

A recent poll revealed that guys mostly want to know how to approach women and what to say to women. I don’t blame you for your confusion; women are tricky to figure out and can be downright nasty to guys.

It makes me so cranky toward my own gender when I see chicks being bitches to nice guys!


I understand why some women are so grumpy. Hear me out …

You see, fellas, women are used to getting hit on a lot. Okay, yeah, that’s something you think we ought to like, right?

Well, we do. Except when we’re hit on endlessly by guys who are way too aggressive or who don’t take “no” for an answer.

Confidence and aggressiveness are not the same thing!

#JustTheTip on How to Approach Women

Unless she’s giving you clear “yes” signals, it’s a “no.”

Wait, but, Anna haven’t you been telling us that if we want to know how to get a girlfriend, we need to grow some (balls) and start talking to women?


But there’s a difference between conversation and conversation-with-the-express-intent-to-pick-up-chicks.

You may think you’re subtle, but remember, we women have finely tuned intuition, and we can feel the difference. We just know it.

Plus, usually, a guy won’t cross the road for a girl unless he’s getting something—or hoping to—and usually that something has a non-platonic base. That’s just how you’re wired!

So, yes, do approach women! Just know when to walk away and when to run.

And I know it sucks, but you still gotta play the gentleman role: you’ve got to have manners! Otherwise, if you’re rude, the girl will say that “all men are jerks” and will feel she has to resort to being rude earlier on to avoid all those jerks.

Take the high road. Walk away from cranky ladies with a sincere “Have a nice day” and hope that women will eventually see that not all men are overly aggressive jerks.

You can find more tips about signals she’ll give if she’s interested here. Read, learn, do, fail, evaluate, learn, do, re-evaluate, repeat repeat repeat, get the girl!

Or …

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You’re welcome. And… thank you.

xo AJ

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