Become More Confident with Women

3 Simple Ways to Build Confidence with Chicks

Amir came to me a while ago to “become more confident with women.” He didn’t know where to begin because he felt self-assured in other areas of his life and with certain women. But Amir wanted to know how to build confidence with the women that mattered — the ones he was attracted to!

Since Amir didn’t have a lady in mind, I recommended he start his confidence-building skills by signing up for my WakeUP2Luv course.

The course is quite comprehensive, so I suggested that he watch all the video modules without doing the homework modules, just in case he met someone during the course. (He’d at least have an overview of what to do and not to do in that courtship.) 

I told him to then go back and watch the videos again at the pace I recommend in the course (weekly for five weeks), watch the homework modules, and do the exercises.

He invested in the program, and sure enough, a couple weeks later contacted me saying that he’d met a woman who was “out of his league” and needed some help to make sure he didn’t “fuck it up, like usual.”

He signed up for my Text Coaching program. Every day, I got the play-by-play, by text, of what was happening with the girl.

Initially, I gave him the exact words to use, letting him know why those were the exact right words to use. Then, after about a week, I asked him to suggest the words he should use based on what I’d taught him. I’d give him feedback and tweak some of the replies before he sent them to her.

He was still a bit nervous, so I gave him some extra homework to get confident …

3 Simple Ways to Become More Confident with Women

The following are some of the tasks I gave Amir for extra homework when I was coaching him, but you can be your own coach and do these things on your own!

1. Text me first thing in the morning — yep, every day — with three positive aspects about himself. (You can text yourself! Example: “Dude, you are resilient!”)

When we’re nervous around someone who we think is out of our league, it’s because we think that they’re “better than us” and that we’re not worthy (or worthy enough). We tend to focus on our flaws and forget that the other person has flaws. We also forget our own amazing qualities.

You haven’t made it this far without developing some positive qualities, I promise!

2. Compliment someone in a sincere way every day.

When we build other people up and make others feel acknowledged, important, significant or valued, it makes us feel empowered — it makes us feel worthy! But the compliment must be genuine and without ulterior motive other than to make you both feel good.

3. Exercise.

Exercise makes us look good and feel good. We release feel-good hormones when we exercise, and we feel empowered by having made a healthy choice. The bonus effect is that exercising can be meditative, which is another activity (/non-activity) that calms the mind and shifts our focus away from fearful thoughts of inadequacy.

Naturally, there are many more suggestions in my WakeUP2Luv course, so if you’re ready for that, here are the deets: 

Did Amir Become More Confident with Women?

You betcha. He got that girl in a matter of a few weeks and then — after discovering that she had some flaws that were dealbreakers, which he figured these out through the exercises in WakeUP2Luv — he decided to move on. He’s now with someone more suitable for him, and he’s happy as his girlfriend’s clam. Bam!

xo AJ

Start with the exercises above, and if you’re not confident with women within a month, stop procrastinating and invest in yourself with my WakeUP2Luv course. I want you to, God wants you to, and your future amazing girlfriend def definitely wants you to!

Also, if you need a boost to start exercising, there’s an amazing supplement system that I use and recommend If you want to know more about that, email me!

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Cheers to your success in life and love! Love is the answer, people!!

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MS says January 30, 2018

Gaining confidence with women (just like gaining confidence in anything) comes down to three things: attitude, knowledge, and experience. If you know how to talk to women, have the right attitude about it, and have lots of experience doing it, then that confidence will come easily.

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