How to Shit Test a Woman the Right Way Using The Ultimate Shit Test!

A Shit Test is Part of Filtering for the Right Woman

No one likes being shit tested but the sooner we get over it the better we’ll feel because shit testing is here to stay. So since shit testing is part of the filtering system, you might as well know how to use The Ultimate Shit Test that’ll provide both of you with useful info about each other.

Both men and women test each other — usually unconsciously — as a way of discovering the character of the other person.

Shit testing (as opposed to teasing / flirting) reveals what a person is really like not what they want us to think they’re like or how they’re “acting” because, make no mistake, 95% of people are filtering themselves at the beginning of a potential new relationship.

So, without further adieu, here is —

When to Shit Test a Woman

Before you randomly run out and practice how to shit test a woman, you’ll want to wait until the third date because you shouldn’t be testing her before then.

Before the third date you’re simply discovering if you get along and if you want to get to know her — not just her body — more.

If you’ve discovered before the third date that she’s not a keeper then there’s no need to shit test her.

If you’ve already decided she’s not girlfriend material and you’re simply seeing her again because you’re attracted to her and only want to have sex with her, then it would be a douchebag move to put her through a shit test.

Shit tests are only for the woman you think you can see a future with.

That’s because if you only have sex with someone, their character probably won’t matter that much.

(Holy shit, did you just have a major aha moment? You’re welcome.)

But if you’re not the kind of guy who can have sex with a girl without developing feelings, then don’t have sex right away! You may get attached to someone who’s totally wrong for you. (Uh, maybe that’s already happened once or twice??)

If she’s your forever girl then do both of you a favour and get to know each other first. And no, that isn’t anti-alpha behaviour! It’s just smart.

Okay, so she’s earned her right to a shit test by being amazing for at least two dates. Now what?

The Ultimate Shit Test

Let her pay for the third date.


I shit you not.

You’re going to either suggest splitting the check or if she grabs for it then let her pay — or almost pay.

I did a video on WingmamTV on whether or not men should pay for dinner. The summary of that video is:

  1. Men should pay for the first date.
  2. Women should at least reach for the check on the second date.
  3. Ladies ought to either pay for the third date or for dessert or offer to make dinner next time.

I won’t go into the details of why I believe in the above here because you can find more details in that video.

But the gist of the ultimate shit test isn’t to actually make her pay or to be fair or to honour women’s lib or any of that shit.

It’s meant only to see how she reacts.

Her reaction will tell you a lot about what kind of person she is when you get past her sexy exterior.

Does she become visibly angry? Does she make a disparaging remark? What does her body language say? Does she refuse to kiss you even though you were making out after the last date? She could be a taker.

Or does she thank you for letting her pay? Does she offer to make dinner next time? Does she simply pay without acting like a diva? She could be a keeper!

Now, if you’re a traditional man and can’t stand a woman paying for your meal, don’t let her follow through. But before you grab the bill away, at least see her reaction.

Then at the last minute, you can say something like, “You know I think it’s a sweet gesture that you’re willing to pay, but I’d feel a lot better if you’d let me.” And then take the bill.

Do not tell her you’re testing her! For Baby Jesus sake, don’t tell her that until your wedding day. No one likes being shit tested. We simply all need it and I guaran-fucking-tee she’s shit testing you, too, Sir.

In fact, if she’s the one who offered to pay — as opposed to you suggesting to split the check — that in and of itself might be a shit test, dude, to see if you’d let her pay!

And her reason may be to see if you support women’s lib or to see if you’re a stingy and glib, so …

If you think it’s cool for her to pay — let her pay.

And if you don’t think it’s cool for her to pay — don’t let her pay.

If you want the real right girl for you — YOU gotta get real, too.

Note: If you intend on letting her pay, make sure you choose a super affordable venue.

xo AJ

p.s. Road Map (with markers) to the real right girl here:


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xo AJ

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