The Best Dating App – How to Get Dates on Tinder [video]

The Best Dating App to Get a Girlfriend Might Be … Tinder! Bingo!

What’s the best dating app to get a girlfriend if you’re shy or introverted? I’ve found that the best dating site is actually a dating app: Tinder!

Tinder used to be used simply for hooking up aka finding sex partners, but nowadays shy guys and introverts are using Tinder to find a girlfriend.

And women are using Tinder to get sex. Go figure.

Good news: women are also using Tinder to find a boyfriend, which is part of why I’m calling Tinder the best dating app right now.

But even if Tinder is the best dating app, you still have to know how to use it to attract a girlfriend.

This video goes through some of the dos and don’ts for shy guys and introverts of using Tinder to find your special sweetheart.

Watch the video and then tell me if you’ll be changing anything on your Tinder profile to get a girlfriend!

I love reading your comments. I do, I really do. Really really.

Do you think Tinder is the best dating app to get a GF?

Hey, btw, reminder! …

Your Creator didn’t put you here to be single and suffering. But, as My Little Mom (RIP) used to say, “God helps those who help themselves.”

(She also said that God doesn’t create junk! Yes, this means you, my friend.)

And, guess what else? You don’t have to believe in God for my dating advice to work for you!

Here are some more ways I can help you get a girlfriend — wait, not just a girlfriend, but your dream girl.

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