5 Tips on How to Get Over First Date Nerves [video]

 How to Get Over First Date Nerves

Unless you’re a master dater, chances are you’ll have the jitters. So to help a dude out, I’ve got 5 tips for how to get over first date nerves so you can enjoy yourself and impress the girl.

When you mentally prepare for a first date with these tips you’ll get over some of the anxiety of a first date and be more confident.

When you’re more relaxed not only will you have more fun on the date, but your gal will feel relaxed, too.

Translation: “Gee, Josh, I feel so comfortable with you.”  *blush flutter smile* Hint: She wants to see you again. Woohoo.

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Dude, you really do deserve to be loved.

To the very core of me I KNOW this to be true. It is the reason I do what I do.

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Follow my dating advice for shy guys & introverted men and before you know it you’ll never have to worry about how to get over first date nerves again!

You’ll get a girlfriend and be cuddled up on the couch chillin’ ‘n Netflix’in!

Thanks so much for being here in the world with me! For reals.

xo Anna

Founder of Wingmam, Lover of Love, Your 2nd Biggest Fan!

You got this.


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