Is My Relationship Healthy? [video]

Even If Your Ass is Single AF, Keep This in Mind for the Future: Is My Relationship Healthy?

The reason you want to ask yourself right from the get-go, “Is my relationship healthy?” is so that you can save yourself from certain future heartache.

When we start to ask ourselves if our relationship is healthy early in the dating game, we can avoid a toxic relationship with someone who simply ain’t right for us.

And if shit gets bad, is it our partner’s fault or ours?

Watch the video and use my “Oprah Test” to find out if your relationship is healthy and if you might be part of the problem. #ouch

Then let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been in a relationship, including a friendship, that wouldn’t have passed my “Oprah Test.”

Did you learn something, at least?

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Dude, you really do deserve to be loved.

To the very core of me I KNOW this to be true. It is the reason I do what I do.

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Follow my dating advice for shy guys & introverted men and before you know it you’ll get a girlfriend with whom you’ll never have to ask yourself, “Is my relationship healthy?!”

Thanks so much for being here in the world with me! For reals.

xo Anna

Founder of Wingmam, Lover of Love, Your 2nd Biggest Fan!

You got this.

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