What to Say to a Girl at a Party [video]

Tip for Shy Guys: What to Say to a Girl at a Party!

Why is talking to women so damn scary? Answer: Because it is. So let’s make it a bit easier by knowing what to say to a girl at a party. Good idea? 😉

The good news is that what to say to a girl at a party can be transferred to other social situations! (Or even non “social” situations.)

The question about how to talk to women at parties came from a viewer who had a disappointing experience talking to a girl at a party.

What happened? She walked away.

Why did she ditch him? There are a lot of reasons why a girl will reject you or walk away.

We go over some of them in this video. Watch it and then check in with yourself.

Do you remember a time where one of these reasons could’ve been why you weren’t successful in knowing what to say to a girl at a party?

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