No More Mr Nice Guy by Robert Glover #6 Nice Guy Syndrome The Friend Zone Shit Tests [video]

No More Mr Nice Guy by Robert Glover #6: Nice Guy Syndrome The Friend Zone Shit Tests (ManTalks)

no more mr nice guy bookNice guys have a hard time setting boundaries and that often gets them stuck in the friend zone when they fail the shit tests women put on them.

But there’s a reason why!!

In part 6 of our video interview, Connor Beaton, of ManTalks Vancouver, shares why this happens and what to do.

Have you ever been stuck in the friend zone?

Do women shit test you?

Have you failed the shit test because of not setting appropriate boundaries?

Damn, baby!

But you’re here and you’re gonna figure out how to get out of the friend zone, pass those shit tests with flying colours and set some dang standards that will make women want you.

Got a friend zone story? Failed a shit test? Tell us about it! No shame here, my friend!

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