Introversion vs Shyness in Dating (Video Answer for Viewer)

Introversion vs Shyness (Get a Girlfriend)

What’s the difference between introversion vs shyness? Can you get a girlfriend if you’re an introvert or shy?


If you’re not an introvert or shy, you may mistake these two characteristics for one and the same but they’re not!

Introversion vs Shyness

Introverts are more sensitive to social stimulus which tends to drain an introvert’s energy, unlike extroverts who tend to get energized in social interactions. We socialize differently.

Shy people are not necessarily drained by socializing as they are riddled by anxiety over it. Shy people have insecurities when it comes to socializing and interactions.

I know because I’m an an introvert and a recovered shy person!

So, now that you know the difference of introversion vs shyness, how does it relate to dating?

Introversion vs Shyness in Dating

Basically, it goes the same way, introverts prefer more alone time to recharge and prefer smaller group settings (than extroverts).

Shy people are insecure about dating and doubt their own self-worth. That sucks.

People only value us as much as we value ourselves.

We must build up our self esteem to be able to attract the kind of person we want to be with.

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