Ways to Get Over Shy Guy Syndrome (Video)

3 Ways to Get Over Shy Guy Syndrome (You Can Do It!)

I know all about being shy, I used to be soooo shy. Feeling shy sucks! So here are the ways to get over shy guy syndrome that I know will work for you.


Are you thinking yourself shy?

Stop identifying with being shy.

Instead, go to thinking you’ve experienced shyness.

Big ass difference between experiencing something and owning it as part of you.


Same deal as above. Are you expressing words that sabbatoge your own success?

Knock it off!

If you don’t want it to be true then stop talking shit about yourself.


Yep, nothing changes until you take action.

Knowledge is not power.

Nope, knowledge is only potential power.

Knowledge + Action = POWER UP, baby!

Watch the video for some fine tuning and the most amazing book you simply must read to get over shy guy syndrome.

Which of these 3 ways to get over shy guy syndrome is the toughest for you?

I’d love to know where you’re at! Let me know in the comments below!

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