When to Walk Away from a Shit Test (Video)

Should You Stay or Should You Go NOW (When to Walk Away from a Shit Test)

Reality land is that shit tests are here to stay. Get over it or don’t get then girl. But you also gotta know when to walk away from a shit test and when to Run, Forest, Run!

Here’s the deal: women shit test by accident. Ok, sometimes on purpose, but usually it’s totally subconscious.

It’s a way to weed the weak from the alpha.

As Dr. Robert Glover, author of the book No More Mr Nice Guy, says, “If you can’t stand up to a woman you can’t stand up for a woman.”

Women know this innately, so we shit test.

We could as if you’ll be there for us, but you’ll probably say yes. But if she be calling yo ass at 11:00 pm in tears because her cat is sick, it’s your actions that tell her who you really are.


There is definitely a time when it’s time to throw in the towel, turn a heel and high tail it away from Little Miss High Maintenance.

Watch the video to find out more, then leave me a comment with your thoughts on when to walk away from a shit test!

Beyond when to walk away from a shit test, you can learn how to actually get the kind of girl who’ll trust you the first time and save you from having to walk away from a shit test again.


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You’re welcome. 😉

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