Can Men and Women Be Friends? (Video)

Can Men and Women Be Friends (Without Benefits)?

I’ve had many discussions about the question, “Can men and women be friends” with several male friends.

They all agree that, yes indeed, we can be friends…

But given the right circumstances, they’d still bone me.

So, reality land is that men and women can be friends, but if there’s any attraction whatsoever from the guy, he’ll also want to have sex with the girl.

Is it the same with women?

Kind of.

What I mean is that if a woman is attracted to a guy who she considers a friend she might want to sleep with him, but it won’t distort the friendship (unless she’s desperately obsessed).


When a man is attracted to a female friend, it will often distort the friendship (unless they’re over 40 and / or a lot of time has passed in the friendship.)

Can Men and Women Be Friends – Like, For Real?


But the part that’s important for you is this:

If you can’t be happy for your girl friend if she finds happiness with some other dude, then dude, you’re not really her friend. You’re waiting in the wings for your chance.

That chance may never come. So don’t get stuck, Chuck, move on!

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What do you think? Can men and women be friends? I’d love to know what you think! Please a comment with your thoughts!

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