Dating Apps for Love? (Infographic)

Is Using Dating Apps for Love Possible?

Rather than a long preamble, I thought I’d share the informative infographic below about the stats of dating apps for love.

The bottom line is that some relationship start online and some start from meeting in person in the real world.

No matter which way you choose to meet your mate, you still need to show up as your best you.

Keyword: YOU!

Actually, keywords: BEST you.

Our best varies from day to day, of course, but if you’re generally content with who you are then there’s going to be someone in the world who will be, too.

Just the Tip:

The happier you are with you, the happier the right someone will be, too! ~ AJ

So, work on the things that will make you feel better about yourself and life and you’ll automatically be the best you.

After you have a gander at the graphic, let me know how you’d answer the question, “Can dating apps lead to love?”

As well, I’m curious which dating apps or dating sites you’ve used and what you think of them.

I’d love to now so comment below!

Do apps lead to a real relationship?

So, can dating apps lead to love?

Of course they can, and do!

Don’t give up, but if you’re feeling frustrated then maybe take a Tinder break, get off the internet and go outside.

xo AJ

p.s. Want help finding love? How about a map to the love meadow? I got that.

Click here to find the love map.

You got this!

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