What to Talk About on Your Date

Avoid Awkward Silences by Knowing What to Talk About on Your Date

Today it’s so easy to get a date, a couple of swipes, a little flirting online and you’re in, but figuring out what to talk about on your date is less easy.

So, when it comes to the actual date and having a proper conversation in real life, it can be very daunting.

Do remember that it’s the first date for both of you. So you’re not on your own, you’re both nervous about meeting each other, so here are a few conversation tips to help you out.

Say You’re Nervous

Coming out and admitting that you’re nervous can be an excellent icebreaker. It will probably put your date at ease too.

It also shows that you’re honest and saying how you feel. Make sure you find out how they feel too though, don’t make it all about you.

Ask Questions

Following that, if they’re not giving you much back or even if they are, be conscious about asking them questions.

A conversation is a two-way thing so don’t want to be always talking about yourself. You need to show you’re interested in them.

If you’re unsure of what to ask, then think up some questions before you go on a date. This way you have some on hand in case you draw a blank and can’t think of anything.

Ask About Their Favorites

This is an easy one when you’re stuck as who doesn’t like talking about their favourite food, hobby, or sports team? 

Ask your date what some of their favourite things are to keep the conversation light and fun, plus if you both love the same thing.

By doing this, you’ve got something in common, something to bond over and can always use this to build your second date around.

Don’t Overshare

While you should be forthcoming and real, make sure you don’t turn the date into a therapy session and start spilling your guts about everything you’ve ever been through. Take your time and eas into the heavy stuff; just get to know each other first.

Avoid Certain Topics

Religion and politics are often said to be the two things you should never discuss at the dinner table. The same is true for the first date.

If you have strong beliefs or opinions, it’s easy to get very passionate and over excited and even judgmental, so while it is essential to know where your date stands on specific issues, wait for a few dates before diving into the political discussions.

Also, try and avoid menial topics like about your bank or your recent Progressive car insurance quote – there are so many other things you can talk about.

Don’t lie.

Just don’t bother, even a little. If you do end up seeing this person again and entering into a relationship with them, then you will be starting on the wrong foot, and there is no point.

Even if you’re trying to impress, wanting to be liked then it’s common to embellish, hide relevant data, and say anything to make yourself appear more authentic. However the truth will come out, so be honest from the outset.

What do you think? Does this post help you to know what to talk about on your date (and what not to talk about)?

Have you made any of these conversation blunders in the past?

I’d love to know! Share your stories in the comments!

xo AJ

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