Why Women Try to Control Men (Video)

Is There a Valid Reason Why Women Try to Control Men?

Women say they want an alpha man and then when they get one they constantly try to dominate him. But why women try to control men may surprise you!

Here’s the thing…

Some women are truly alpha and want to “wear the pants in the family.” (If that offends you, this is probably the wrong website for you.)

But many women who try to dominate men don’t actually want to be in the dominant role.

Let me rephrase this…

Pushy women don’t want to control men — they’re forced to.

They want something else and you’re not giving it to them. (And no, it’s not your tube steak.)

So, the real question becomes … can you become the kind of man a woman doesn’t feel the need to try to control?

If you want to know why women try to control men even though they really don’t want to, watch the video!

Then I’d love to read your comments on the topic!

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Bella says July 6, 2019

Most women are controlling because it’s what their mother did to them. At the age of 32 when a female peer or my GF is like that to me I can exercise dominance and leadership qualities so she knows it’s her loss if she fukks up. It’s just a shyt test they pull off. But if you know how to balance being sensitive/comforting to her needs with taking charge she’ll follow you like a puppy. Stop being afraid of women fellas.

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