Why Don’t Women Accept Accountability in Relationships? (Not PC!)

So Why DON’T Women Accept Accountability in Relationships?

What gives? Why or why don’t women accept accountability or ever think they’re wrong??

Warning: This post is not PC. I’m not apologizing.

There are 5 main reasons why women don’t take responsibility in relationships and — to make it easier to remember — I made sure they all start with an “S!”

So, in answer to a loyal follower of my WingmamTV YouTube channel’s question, here’s my answer…

5 Reasons Why Women Don’t Accept Responsibility in Relationships

  1. Society (aka social conditioning aka feminism)
  2. Social media #InstaSlut
  3. Single mom syndrome — sad, but true
  4. Survival (yep, basic instinct, but not like the movie)
  5. SJWs (aka suckers like Steve… Stewart? Sebastian? Whatever name starts with “S.”)

In the video, I delve into how these influences on women and accountability in relationships, as well as the three step strategy men can use to help “the fairer sex” start playing fair!

But you’re probably wondering…

Why on earth should men help women take responsibility?

Haven’t you done enough? Put up with enough? Suffered enough?

Yes, yes, and yes!


Because it’s not gonna happen otherwise, and if we want change then yes, it is we (you) who also must also take responsibility for doing our (/your) part to help fix this situation.

I can’t do it alone and most women don’t even realize their folly.

I need your help to re-inspire women to reconnect with their divine feminine.

Together, we CAN Make A Woman Great Again! (Where’s my damn ball cap?)

So, have a gander…

Which one of the 5 S’s do you think has been the largest influence on women’s attitudes toward not taking responsibility?

Let me know in the comments, I love reading your comments!

xo AJ

Random P.S.

I just made a massively fluffy omelette with bacon and greens. (Kinda Keto though I don’t follow any specific diet… Maybe low carb ish.)

Anyway, total side note here: if you add a bit of heavy cream into the raw eggs before whipping them into a frenzy, your omelette will be totally ‘extra’ in the fluff department… and what man doesn’t want a little ‘extra’ in the ‘fluffing up’ department? 😉

And, even though way too many ladybirds are lacking in culinary skills (myself included), most of the top chefs in the world are still men after all, so if you can whip up a mean meal in the kitchen, your lady just might be ‘extra’ nice in the bedroom! 😉 #JustTheTip


Anna is not a licenced therapist or psychologist. These are opinions. You are responsible for your own actions. Obey the law wherever you are. If you are considering harming yourself or others, please seek help a-sap.

About the Author Anna Jorgensen

Vancouver dating coach for men who love women! ❤️ (Not PC and not a feminist.)

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Scott C. says November 13, 2019

Good post. I’m a well adjusted, easy going (I don’t sweat the small stuff, and everything is small stuff), financially stable guy. I divorced my first wife, and my second wife passed away. I haven’t dated much since she died. I’m content being a single guy. I would like to be in a great relationship with a woman, but I’d rather stay single than take on a project that needs fixing. I’ve seen so many posts by women asking where all the nice guys are, and I look at their prior man-hating posts and think “we’re staying as far away from you as possible.” Is it too much to ask for a woman to be kind and well adjusted before we approach?

Neil says February 26, 2020

I think it’s ludicrous that you think men need to take responsibility to help women take responsibility for their actions.

This is the insane part in my opinion: “Because it’s not gonna happen otherwise, and if we want change then yes, it is we (you) who also must also take responsibility for doing our (/your) part to help fix this situation.”

Its literally hypocritical because you’re saying that women need to take responsibility but its men’s responsibility (because you wrote “we (you)” and “/your”). Men aren’t the problem. You guys are the problem and you NEED TO TAKE GODDAM RESPONSIBILITY and fix it.

    Anna Jorgensen says February 26, 2020

    Thanks for your thoughts, Neil.
    There are basically two options in life, because we can’t control what others do, only what we do:
    1. Accept what is.
    2. Do what WE can to change it.
    Thanks for your input.
    🙂 Anna

Joshua Greene says March 28, 2020

Thank you Anna for this. At least you make sense of these situations. I understand what you mean. I am not bitter to the extent of not accepting some helpful advice. I appreciate you.

    Anna Jorgensen says March 29, 2020

    Thank you so much for this mature and dare I say, masculinity-based, comment! So glad you get it. That makes me happy! :))

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